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    The Landmark Is this hotel still ladyboy friendly ?
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    Thank you for the reply
  3. reissit

    Any suggestions for ASOKE hotels?

    Furama Xclusive on soi 21. Good hotel, good rooms and no problems with guests.
  4. reissit

    Hotel Guest Policies for Ladyboys

    You can add Furama Xclusive on soi 21 as ladyboy friendly. Stayed there many times and no problems with guests. Good location as well 3 mins walk to MRT and BST, 5 mins soi cowboy and approx 10 mins to Darkside bar.
  5. reissit

    Newbie Question - Asshole licking

    I just love doing it so much, any danger never enters my head at the time.
  6. reissit

    Apcalis in Chiang Mai

    A lot of the bars in Chiang Mai sell cialis, kamagra etc, they jusy dont advertise the fact. There used to be a thai guy going round the bars during the day selling to them, he was known locally as the doctor. He died a couple of years ago, but his daughter now does the daily rounds.
  7. reissit

    Anal douche with Bang Cock water?

    Never had a problem using tap water in Thailand for cleaning teeth and anal cleaning. Think most hotels and condo buildings have water filters in the system anyway.
  8. reissit

    Phuket recommendations?

    No she was a young maybe 20ish hottie.
  9. reissit

    Phuket recommendations?

    I have stayed at the Yorkshire Hotel in the past decent and close to the action, go for the more expensive room as bigger and window. Never used the gym but pool is ok, well within your budget. Then get yourself to Cocktails and Dreams and if Pat is around I can highly recommend, not the best looker in the bar but if you are looking for a night of sex, sex and more sex then she is the girl. Pat will also arrange a GG to join ST if you want. Others I can recommend at C and D are Seya and Emma, but in my experience Emma prefers to top only.
  10. reissit

    Ibis Nana Soi 4 (updated 2013)

    Yes no problem at all.
  11. reissit

    Heaven@4 (updated 2013)

    Only stayed at Heaven@4 for 2 nights about a year ago. Cant remember standard of room i booked, but it was better than i was expecting for the price. Clean room, mini bar, good shower, cable tv, etc. Extremely friendly staff who seemed to have no problem with guests. Not 5 star and does not claim to be, but compared to the Ibis opposite the rooms are much better, in fact everything about the place is better and usually slightly cheaper than the Ibis. If your in Bangkok for a few days and just looking for action, i would say this hotel is a good choice.
  12. reissit

    Chiang Mai hotel?

    Bit more info if you are flying into CM the taxis at the airport are a cartel, but dont worry as they have a flat charge into the city of 120baht. If you do decide to stay at raming lodge i can recommend a local bar for food. Come out of the hotel cross the road and turn left approx 60m you will see a bar called the wild boar, this is a non p4p bar but a regular drinking haunt with ex-pats. The food either thai or western is excellent, opens around 8-30am and kitchen closes around 11pm. If you need any further info on CM please do not hesitate to PM me.
  13. reissit

    Chiang Mai hotel?

    I live in Chiang Mai and you have lots of options. I would recommend Raming Lodge, close to action, 1 min walk to sassy lounge, 2 min walk to friends corner, 3 min walk to boxing complex which houses marina bar and shamrock bar. Lots of freelancers in the area after 11ish and a lot of bars on the street have hidden gems mixed in with GG. The hotel itself is prob 3 star if you book the better rooms, (they have a pool though not massive) but you could do worse. Check out their web site, sorry no link but google is your friend. If you want 4/5 star have a look at the meridian. I have used both in the past with no problems at all with guests. The freelance girls have short time rooms within 3 mins walk but they are not the best. Expect to pay 1000ST and 2000/2500LT although CM is getting very quiet at the moment so you may negotiate better. Hope that was of some help.
  14. reissit

    Christmas day in BKK

    If your looking for traditional xmas food, you could go to the Landmark buffet and hang out eating and drinking for a few hours. Spent a couple of xmas days there in the past and the food was really good and they will have thai dishes as part of the buffet for your girlfriend. Think last time i was there on xmas day 2 years ago it was 1500bht per couple, obviously drinks extra but well worth it.
  15. reissit

    Ibis Nana Soi 4 (updated 2013)

    Stayed at the ibis on soi 4 about 3 weeks ago for 1 night. Yes no problems at all with guests.
  16. reissit

    ST Hotel@Sukhumvit

    Most ST rooms around Nana expect to pay 300bht, your lady of choice will know of plenty.
  17. reissit

    Guest friendly hotels by Cowboy

    I usually stay at the furama xclusive on soi 21. Five minutes walk to soi cowboy and three minutes to asoke skytrain and sukhumvit metro. Use the metro bystem to cross the road and exit on soi 23 for cowboy. Excellent hotel with no problems with guests.
  18. reissit

    Landmark Hotel (Updated 11/2014)

    Never actually stayed there but took my LBGF to the Landmark for christmas dinner 2009 and we have eaten there a couple of other times without any problem. Good location. Normally use the furama-xclusive asoke on soi 23, great hotel and 2 mins walk to BTS and MRT. The room maids are pretty inventive too, see pic.
  19. reissit

    Bangkok rooms.

    If in BKK i usually stay at FuramaXclusive Asoke. Great hotel , no probs with visitors. 2 mins from BST, MRT and soi cowboy one stop from nana on BST 15 bht i minute. Bit pricey at around 2500 bht a night but worth it. Picture of how maid made up room for me and my long term LB GF. Very romantic?