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  1. eugenio

    Hiv In Ladyboy Scene

  2. eugenio

    Hotel Guest Policies for Ladyboys

    I stayed at the Hansar Hotel a few years ago which is pretty upscale. I never had a problem with LB's, although plenty of high fives from the parking crew haha (seriously). I don't know if anything has changed.
  3. eugenio

    Thai Restaurant Rant

    Ever since I came back from LOS I can't eat Thai in my city. It's too depressing on so many levels.
  4. Facebook is cancer anyway. I'm ready to get rid of it for good. But good suggestion.
  5. Yup. I think the OP might be horribly naive. We live in the age where everybody takes pictures of everything, and it's all "fair game". It's one of the reasons I'm not really in for the bar scene and prefer TF or a decent agency to arise. But even then, as randy points out, the girl can post your photo on her FB as revenge for the 1 night stand. Happened to me!
  6. Not at all. I'm super private as well. Cheers.
  7. Oh one more VERY important thing if you're bringing girls back to the hotel. There is an ATM right across the street next to the 7/11! Yeah
  8. Interesting Saxon, the street hookers also trawl near the night market @ Lumpini, which I found impossibly redundant and bizarre in the midst of Sodom. What's the point, I wondered to myself? They were actually pretty hot too, the nights I walked by.
  9. Sorry, just checked and Hansar is rated fifth in BKK on TA, not third. Either way, pretty good
  10. Thanks for the warning. I also scanned her ads.
  11. eugenio

    Air Ticket Searches and Stuff

    Jimmi thanks for the rome2rio, that is pretty cool.
  12. eugenio

    Air Ticket Searches and Stuff

    I agree. I have found that Kayak and Google miss plenty of flights that are shown when you check the company's website.