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  1. I have eaten here a couple of times. It was 50% Jap clients and that is a good sign. Only drawback was that there were some smokers lighting up. Bit like Obsessions! Food was good and authentic. Price was OK. The soy sauce was really tasty and made in house. They gave me 500cc in an empty water bottle. It is just up from terminal 21. Izakaya hanako, 10110, 19/2 Sukhumvit 31, Khlong Toei Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
  2. montblanc

    Landmark Hotel (Updated 11/2014)

    The Dream has another building on the opposite side of the road. There is a main building with a car port entry and main reception. The other is smaller and I think it is more for deluxe rooms. Look on Google street view.
  3. montblanc

    Thai LB in London

    One of my regular LBs from Pattaya Obsessions has gone to London to make her fortune. She sent me pics so maybe they can generate action for her. She is Beem and she used to be my regular bit of afternoon action for about a year. She does have a really nice ass. She says that she will be back when she makes 5million Baht! Her set up fees for visa etc. of course are high but good luck to her.
  4. montblanc

    Nana Hotels open to tourists

    You could try the Dream hotel in Soi 15. I use it regularily and it is very LB/GG friendly. There is the hotel and annex, Dream 2, which is where you stay with a deluxe room. They are on one side of the road and the other. Dream 2 has only access to the rooms and so has little traffic. At night they often have nobody on the desk and rely on video. No walk of shame and very lttle chance of a disapproving glance from other guests. Never seen Arabs and only a few brats or rug rats. Overall an excellent place to be,IMO. I will be there soon.
  5. montblanc

    ATM keyboard mini cams

    The bank guy said that it is a false cover put on by the scammers at night. No bank has a cam pointing at the keyboard. They are easy to spot once you are aware, I noticed 2 but was not intent on doing a security sweep.
  6. montblanc

    ATM keyboard mini cams

    Went into the MBK centre in BKK and was about to use an ATM when I noticed a cam pointed at the keyboard. It was a Siam Commerce one so went of to their branch on the 2nd floor and showed them the picture, they came and inspected it and a phone call later it was shut down straight away.. Went browsing on another floor and there was another Cam in another ATM. Advice is to use the ATMs outside the branchs in the centres and to cover up your keyboard entry. In the pics you can see the normal secuity cam that is at your face but then a second cam pointed down at the keyboard, it is the small black square near the longer line. The pics are from low looking up. Looks like its meant to be there but it is a scamcam. Be warned!
  7. montblanc

    Landmark Hotel (Updated 11/2014)

    I have stayed a couple of times in the Landmark. The place is good and LB friendly, no problems with 2. My bill seemed to inflate over a few days though, paying for WiFi etc. The walk of shame is quite long, the conciege has a desk near the elevators and grabs their id's at that point. The Shangrila is the same. Now I only use the Dream Hotel as it has no problems with 3 at a time. I usually stay in the annex which does not have a duty recpetioist all the time.
  8. montblanc

    What's Your Favourite Bkk Hotel And Why?

    I have stayed at: • The Landmark, round the corner from NEP. Ok place but too much BS with a long walk of shame. Booked online and got a good deal for a 5 star. No problem with 2 Lbs, no extra charge. Room service was excellent too • Darwin, which is a good honest hotel and, at the price, is excellent value. I did ask the bed linen to be changed daily which was an extra. Food was crap though. • Shangri-La was a good place and although the walk of shame was long it was worth it. Good views, nice pool, good food by the pool, and no problem with 2 LBs, no extra charge either. • Dream hotel is my favorite. A boutique hotel with great rooms and reasonable prices. Excellent breakfast, good but small roof pool and fitness centre. No problem with 3 LBs and no extra charge. The bed was big and comfortable. In future I am happy to only use the Dream. Pictures are of the Dream. I use Agoda.com for booking so the prices vary.
  9. montblanc

    Flight ratings (2015 updates)

    Last year I flew 185000 miles Air France, Business. My client has a policy of anything over 3 hours is Business so I am lucky. 3 trips were Rio to Perth return, the Sin/Per sector with Qantas. Qantas are very good Business. Air France is Ok, KLM on 747s are crap, and the seats are old, non sleeper type. BA is just OK. So all flights to BKK are stopovers. Air France has a calculator for your carbon footprint, mine was 29000kgs, I am exempt from guilt as I work in the oilfield!
  10. montblanc

    Atm Or Money Exchange

    I used the exchange in the airport at BKK and got 15% better rate for dollar and euro than in Amsterdam. ATMs are ok too. Do not trust anybody in a hotel. The room safes have codes which can open them at any time. I lost money from my locked room safe at the Areca Lodge in pattaya. The staff know this code. I always lock my case. If the hotel has safe deposit I would use that.
  11. montblanc

    Dream Hotel

    www.dreambkk.com this is the hotel www.agoda.com this is a booking agent. It is almost a 5*, and thus the price.
  12. montblanc

    Dream Hotel

    I stayed at the Dream hotel in Soi 15. Nice boutique hotel. I booked through Agoda.com and paid just less than $90/night on a last minute deal. It is guest friendly and there was no problem taking 2 LBs back late at night. I really liked the rooms and breakfast, which was included, was superb. The bed was very comfortable and the rooms are double glazed to keep the noise out. The roof pool is Ok with plenty sun loungers and the gym was all new and was adequately equipped. The staffs were friendly and helpful. I will use this place again for sure.
  13. montblanc

    Dawin Hotel

    I have recently used the Dawin in Soi 4, 300m from the Nana complex. I booked through Agoda and 4 nights cost $210 USD. The place was good, very clean with friendly staff. The rooms were quiet despite its location; I like quiet to get a good sleep. I did request a change of sheets each day which cost 50 baht each change, no big deal. The room was a modern design and the bathroom had a powerful shower. No issues taking GG or LB in at night. I will most likely stay there again. I have previously stayed at the Landmark. It was very nice but there was quite a long ‘walk of shame’ to get to the elevator where the concierge grabs the ID card. No problems with GG or LB. I had paid about $150 USD a night there before. There is a good pub in the basement called the Huntsman. They do great ‘all you can eat ribs’ and a happy hour 2 for 1 drinks in the evening. It’s very good if you want a break from Thai food. Found a nice restaurant called Baan Khanitha which specialises in traditional Thai fish dishes, sea and fresh water. Excellent value, it is upmarket though and well worth a visit. Our shared main dish was 900Bht. The address is 36/1 Sukhumvit 23 Soi Prasan mitr, about 400m from Soi Cowboy.