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  1. dazz_au

    Tablets for sale in Thailand

    BKK is on avg no cheaper then most western countries on most electronics. You might find some good run out deals "BUT watch out for fakes" HK is still the best place in Asia for getting good prices on the latest stuff.
  2. dazz_au

    View Talay 6 Pattaya

    View Talay is a great location and if your on the Walking street side and above 18th floor the views are fantastic. The complex also has shops , cafe, laundry and with central next door the only time u need to go far if in search of a freind. Dancewathers are very good to deal with and often you will be dealing with Tik herself. I have stayed with them 7 maybe 8 times this last year and never had a problem - except when i locked myself out of the room one nite - but taxi to TV2 "office location" at Jomtien and they were waiting with the spare key. The only issue is that it can be booked well in advanced especially the better rooms - but even the other rooms are fine. Cost wise it is great value and if your staying more then 5 nites its cheaper again. Im actually heading there this sunday for 6 nites before heading back home - so if anyone else is there drop me a line. cheers