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  1. carbonara69

    Zen Rooms /Best hotel for Check inn bar

    It seems like being part of Paradiso Boutique Suites, even located inside it. Here is a thread for Paradiso If you want to be close to CIB, that location can't be beaten, literally just a few steps away
  2. carbonara69

    Hotel near cirb

    I think you are referring to Cozy at Ten http://www.bangkokladyboys.net/forum/index.php?/topic/7571-cosy-at-ten-nearest-hotel-to-check-in-bar-soi-10/?hl=cozy It is the closest you can get to CIRB, 5 meters from the back door entrance. I booked myself a room there for Sunday the 12th, the last day of my upcoming short trip this week, 1400 bath Paradiso ia also very close and even better quality. It should be around 1900 bath
  3. I have done that a few times and sure it is worth a try. Remember to order something also for the girls, they will love it and they will love you. Another option is to take a girl out for dinner and let her order the food, I have eaten some delicious things this way that were not even on the menu
  4. For Thai food, Zanzibar in soi 11, Det-5 in soi 8 and Cabbage and Condoms in soi 12
  5. carbonara69

    Majestic Suites (updated 2015)

    Yes it does. Also many other cheaper options in that area http://www.bangkokladyboys.net/forum/index.php?/topic/7686-laundry-service-lower-sukhumvit/?hl=laundry
  6. carbonara69

    Paradiso Boutique Suites, Soi 10

    Stayed at Paradiso for my short trip last Christmas. Had a deluxe room. Rooms are not very big but are ok for a few nights stay. And very clean. The best part was the big shower, enough room to shower together and have some pre bed fun with the girl you take in the room. Yes, there is no online booking from Paradiso website but they reply quickly to emails. Or you can book through Booking.com or Agoda.
  7. carbonara69

    Photo uploading problem

    Did you try to click on "More Reply Options" next to "Post" at the bottom of the page? That will give you the chance to upload and attach pictures to your posts
  8. Here is a picture of the real Carbonara, taken yesterday from a friend of mine in Rome. You can see it looks more yellow since they only use egg yolk.
  9. I tried this place yesterday and was positively surprised how good the food is. I had Calamari, fried to perfection IMO, and Carbonara that was much better than I had expected, even with cream sauce. Total bill was 390 Bath including 2 soft drinks. As Mardhi said, small place with few tables, only one outside table for smoking. Nice staff and sure the location can't be beaten, maybe 30 meters from CIRB
  10. There should not be any cream in Carbonara, just egg yolk added at the end, which cooks itself with the hot oil used to cook the cheek lard (not bacon). So the end dish should not be swimming in sauce at all. I better preapare it myself in the kitchen I have in the apartment, if I can find the right things in BKK
  11. Thanks Mardhi. I usually avoid italian restaurants when I'm out of Italy but also due to its location I think I'm going to visit this one, maybe with some girl from CIB. Carbonara69 is going to try Carbonara made in Thailand
  12. carbonara69

    Phachara Suites

    I stayed at Phachara during my short trip last April. Besides being close to the action, like SheLuver I also wanted to check it and see if it could be good for my August vacation. I had the same room he had and I found it good for a short stay. But for my next long trip I wanted a One Bedroom apartment so I talked to a management girl and asked her to see one of them. The Deluxe one was just ok but I found the Executive one great. Large bedroom and living room and big balcony with table and chairs. Got it booked for 65.000 for the month. Shama was one of my other options but after having seen the apartment I will be staying in at Phachara I opted for this last one. Of course it's only booked and not paid yet, especially now that CIB could relocate somewhere else. If they should move the bar before August and the new location will be around soi 22, I will change my hotel too. My evenings will start in different places but most of the nights will end at CIB so I prefer a place close to the bar.
  13. carbonara69

    Sheraton Hua Hin Pranburi Villas

    Thanks from me too Oliver to take the time to write and post this great report. That's a hammered dulcimer (khim in thai)
  14. carbonara69

    Short term Condo

    Thanks. I got slightly higher rates from them but I inquired for 1 month only in August
  15. carbonara69

    Short term Condo

    SheLuver, can I ask you what kind of room\apartment did they quote at 50.000 bath\month?
  16. carbonara69

    Short term Condo

    Last year I stayed 1 month at My View Apartment, at the end of Soi 4. It's exactly 1 km from Sukhumvit. If you mind walking there is a motorbyke station 100 meters from the condo. The condo is small, only 6 apartments for renting, well mantained, with a small garden and a pool, very quiet and clean. Guest friendly of course. The owners are Thais, the whole family speaks good english, they live there themselves and they do all they can to help. Wi fi is free and at good speed. There is a cleaning service twice a week and you can ask for more towels or everything you should need. There is a living room with kitchen, 1 bedroom, a bathroom with shower and a balcony. 2 air cons, safe, fridge and microwave. With rent, electricity and several laundry services, I paid around 30.000 Bath.
  17. carbonara69

    Privelege Entry Visa (5 year multiple entry)

    Glad for the good news you received that eventually led to this decision