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  1. sornierob

    File Attachment Limit

    Brilliant idea!
  2. sornierob

    Air Travel during the New Normal

    So how do the window-seat passengers in the next rows access and exir their seats?
  3. If I were a resident, I would consider it my local, and I hope to hell that I can make it back there, if for nothing else than eating my at least 500th stick of meat from that lady vendor in the first pic. Let's plan on giving her big tips when she returns. SI often has good classic rock live.
  4. I added Rest Hub to the people-watching bars because they often have good bands.
  5. sornierob

    Anyone for Cricket

    When I first heard that one about 40 years ago, it was “....whores and hockey players”. Same answer—“what position...”. It was used to describe a quick thinker , eh?
  6. sornierob

    Citrus Suites Sukumvit Soi 6

    Looking forward to BM reviews of this new property. I booked 10 days (cancellable) next fall. Deluxe room with brekkie for 2. Not cheap at TB 3700/night, so want to know it is worth that much. Thanks!
  7. sornierob

    The 5th capital sin...

    Ate there once and it was great, but sadly must add it to the list of places described by YB: “Nobody goes there anymore—it’s too crowded”
  8. sornierob

    Grand 5 Hotel - not guest friendly

    Maybe the reason there are no reviews on this site??
  9. Yes, thats a King to me. Always good for doing the Amazons sideways. I prefer not to do Queens.
  10. The room details say "double bed". Queen/King???
  11. And they disappeared!! Email, text messages, and other forum postings are not affected. I did do extensive troubleshooting before I did the OP.
  12. When I post on the forum from my iPhone 7, the apostrophes that I type never show up on my post. Since apostrophes are monstrously (and mostly erroneously) overused, I have joked that maybe admin banned them, but since I see so many of them in other posts, it doesnt appear to be a ban or tech problem with the web site. Any ideas or anyone else having this issue? Quotation marks also do not post.
  13. Thanks for the reply. Nothing wrong with my touchscreen. When I type the post on this forum, both apostrophes and quotation marks show in the text. But when The the post appears on the forum, they have disappeared. Wont Didnt Hasnt. . I afded several quotation marks and I am looking at them as well as the apostrophes.
  14. Checking to see if the problem doesn’t involve postings from my iPad. “””””
  15. sornierob

    Makkasan to Nana - Taxi or MRT/BTS?

    Follow signs in terminal to the City Line. Wont take the full 24 min shown on directions.
  16. sornierob

    Makkasan to Nana - Taxi or MRT/BTS?

    Use Google Maps!!!!
  17. sornierob

    JW Marriott Sukhumvit soi 2

    I spent 60% of my 45 year career in hotels. Much of the time I had no choice in booking, and about half the time I had to sleep during the day and worked at night. Renovations were literal nightmares. The standard tool used is a hammer drill, and no matter where it is used, it reverberates throughout the property. Stay away when you have a choice!!!
  18. sornierob

    Buying SIM card after landing?

    I have used AIS and True. Recommend AIS. And be sure to keep your home country sim in a safe place so you can re-install on your return.
  19. sornierob

    Hus Hin Hotel Recommendation?

    i have looked back through the fairly recent threads on Hua Hin but cant find any hotel reports and of course searching in impossible (2 3-letter words). Recs for a good value LB-friendly hotel close to bars/pick up ateas? Thanks
  20. sornierob

    Hus Hin Hotel Recommendation?

    See my last post about my fat finger.
  21. sornierob

    Hus Hin Hotel Recommendation?

    Any experience with Baan Manthanara? BTW. Sorry about the thread name. Fat fingered and didnt catch small print on phone.
  22. sornierob

    Citrus Suites Sukumvit Soi 6

    Various reviews of Lohas make me shy away. Really hoping for this Citrus property review including actual guest policies.
  23. sornierob

    Middle East eats

    Good idea to ask for a recommendation. You dont want to eat at a place that will make you feelawful !