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  1. Same here, I am back in Bangkok in mid April so I will definitely contact her.
  2. nudistbottom

    seeking info for Alis and Sunny from Craiglist

    I have had the pleasure of Alis. Meet her a couple of times last year. Great boobs! Good body really, and decent size cock as well. Maybe 7, and above average girth. She topped me both times and had no problems cuming. English not great though, but nice girl. I think she smokes cigarettes. I remember rimming her arse and it was a little more hairy than in that ad so maybe she has had it waxed. I think a couple of those images have been touched up but I would definitely see her again.
  3. nudistbottom

    Long thin cocks

    Wow! Pity about the pubs, but i can definitely see that pounding me for sure. Does anyone have a contact for her? thaifriendly, line or whatsapp number?
  4. nudistbottom

    Photographer wanted

    Thanks ccctom, but I recently purchased a olympus mirrorless camera. I think it should do the job nicely.
  5. nudistbottom

    Photographer wanted

    No, I didn't get any. It's pretty hard to do it yourself and being a bottom only it is hard to ask the lb to take the pictures for you. They aren't always ready to help. Got Zac to take some video of me sucking her cock in different positions with my phone but not good quality. Bought a good quality camera which I can remote view with my phone and take pictures and videos. So will use that next trip. Hope to get some close up anal shots.
  6. nudistbottom

    Photographer wanted

    Hi DeepnHard, I did actually put an ad on Craigslist but got no response. I have since been and just got back from LOS and had a great time as i always do. Looking forward to my next trip in the new year.
  7. nudistbottom

    Photographer wanted

    Hello Scottie Yes I would like to get some sexy pics of outdoor sex.
  8. nudistbottom

    HUNG LB's in BKK

    Hi Horny4reel I can recommend Candy and Zac. They both advertise regularly on Craigslist and both love to top. So if you love to be a bottom I recommend them. Candy is more dominant too, so look out ;-) Zac loves to top http://bangkok.craigslist.co.th/cas/5556085994.html Candy dominant top http://bangkok.craigslist.co.th/cas/5547789977.html
  9. nudistbottom

    Photographer wanted

    Hello I am going to be in Bangkok and Phuket in June and looking for a photographer to take some pics of me getting fucked by some ladyboys. Probably do it at my hotel or outdoors somewhere while in Phuket. And if anyone knows of some interested LB let me know. Cheers.
  10. nudistbottom

    What Are The Risks?

    Here is a good link for an explanation on the use of condoms. But for me, and I am a bottom only, no condom no anal. My health is way too important to take the risk. http://www.cdc.gov/condomeffectiveness/brief.html