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    Classic Kameo Hotel Ayutthaya

    I stayed in Kameo many times. That (along with Kantary on the other side of the road) was really great for happy ending massages in the night. Dialling the lobby and asking for a 2 hours oil massage and find a skilled "therapist" called from outside at your door was a matter of minutes. Then (I don't remember when, think about 2016) they opened their own in house SPA and since then you had only their old and ugly staff doing a standard no happy ending massage. What a waste
  2. technodude67

    Pharmacy that sells Truvada in the lower Sukhumvit area

    No prescription required, just THB Inviato dal mio CLT-L29 utilizzando Tapatalk
  3. technodude67

    Pharmacy that sells Truvada in the lower Sukhumvit area

    Chula Besaj is the major drug supplier for any surrounding clinic and hospital (Bangkok Christian, BNH Hospital just to name a few). It's not a common pharmacy, they are gross dealers though they sell to individuals as well. It's not uncommon to go there and wait over an hour because of guys getting orders of, say, 20 kilos medicine packs. Inviato dal mio CLT-L29 utilizzando Tapatalk
  4. technodude67

    Pharmacy that sells Truvada in the lower Sukhumvit area

    Yep, paying 1200 baht at Silom Clinic, which is getting supplied by Chula Besaj. Cool. LOL.
  5. technodude67

    Proof of Accomodation

    It's all up to who you find at the immigration. You may pass in a few seconds or being questioned for 20 minutes. Some alpha might require you to show 20000 baht in cash as well. If you are on a 30 days visa exempt, you might be. Coming on a 60 days SE Tourist Visa or a 6 months ME Tourist Visa, you shouldn't need to produce any proof of accomodation as you have already showed upon Visa applying at your local Thai embassy or consulate. I repeat, all up to the immigration officer.
  6. technodude67

    Pharmacy that sells Truvada in the lower Sukhumvit area

    It's hard to find Truvada in LOS but you can easily find its generic equivalent Teno-Em. Chula Besaj Pharmacy in Silom sells for 660 baht. And Aluvia (Kaletra) as a further layer of protection comes at 2500 baht. Obviously, you shouldn't DIY in any way, see a doctor first.
  7. technodude67

    Visa Run Question

    Immigration office in BKK is at Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Chaeng Watthana, building B) What you need: 2 4x6 pictures a photocopy of passport Information Page, Entrance Stamp/Visa and Departure Card Filled out Visa Extension Form (TM7) - get it here: http://www.immigrationbangkok.com/files/visa_forms/tm7.pdf 1900 baht in cash You better be there as early as possible (before 7am, even better if before 6.30 tho. The sooner, the smoother), to get the queue number - after you got the number you can walk town to underground floor to have breakfast, also note that there are copy, print and photo shops available (in case if you don't have pictures or copies). About 8am it's time to come back to office front door as they will start to call those who have a queue number. Office open at 8.30am. After that the process is quite straightforward. About one week before your 30 days end should be fine to go. As an alternative you can obtain a single entry 60 days Tourist Visa prior to travel but in this case you may want to check with your local Thai embassy/consulate as the rules might not be the same for every nationality. I hope I was helpful enough here
  8. Mmmh well, anything not strictly related to Thai is never really popular witg Thais. Usually if you go to a non Thai restaurant and you see Thais is because that place also serves Thai food. There's an Italian restaurant in Isaan where they had to hire a somtan cooker. Thainess Inviato dal mio VKY-L29 utilizzando Tapatalk
  9. technodude67


    As an alternative you could try freegate (google freegate). Doesn't need a VPN and can be ran from HD or a USB stick. You can surf anonimously and access blocked sites from anywhere. The only cons are that it's Windows only. The pros are that it's completely free of charge. Otherwise, if a VPN and different platforms is what you require, try witopia. I use it since 2010 when I could not access facebook from China. Costs about USD40/yr and has connection gateways all over the world.