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    8 inch black shemale in BKK

    And yet despite having a phone with a camera, she still hasn't updated her pics? Again that's pretty telling. All of this information to me shows she isn't interested in presenting the best public face possible. A common trait of scammers. But again I haven't seen her and don't know her so i could be wrong. Personal experience in the states tells me otherwise.
  2. kingaddictx

    8 inch black shemale in BKK

    hmm i don't know man. I've been with a lot of black american ts in the states. While a hand full were good, most were lying and scammers. An I'm mixed myself so not being racist lol. Most only care about money and will flat out change the menu or upsell once they have it or try to rob you. About half of all the black ts I've set appoints with tried setting me up. Now this person may not fit that bill, but the fact that from the pictures it is kinda clear she has no boobs, yet in the description only says "yes i have boobs" is a red flag. Your already lying for no reason, so trust level is at zero. Latin american black ts I've never had a problem with however.
  3. kingaddictx

    Henry's Gastro Pub and Hotel

    Perfect can grab one last drink and then head up to your hotel room! Since its a gastropub any info on the beer selection? (yes i am a beer nerd) :-p