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  1. Anyone new to Bangkok looking for a good pie that doesn't want the usual cardboard with sauce they serve at Pizza Hut or Pizza Company try the following places, all of them offer very good pies for not too much money: 1. Bella Napoli - Soi 31. Thin crust brick oven style. Variety of toppings, only downside is they have only one size and it's fairly large (prices are around 200-500 baht depending on toppings). Also have some decent pasta options served in a clay bowl with pizza dough on top and a very good wine list. 2. Scoozi - This is a local chain that has been around for a number of years. They have around 20 locations around Bangkok (several in and around Sukhumvit). Extensive toppings and a very good crust. (Prices start at 100 for what they call Pizza Bread (basically cooked dough) to 600 for their super pizzas). They also deliver throughout Bangkok and have online ordering. 3. Pala Pizza - Under Asoke BTS, next to Terminal 21. This is perhaps my favorite pizza place in all of Bangkok. They claim to use only ingredients imported from Italy. They cook their pizza in meter long slabs and also have numerous toppings and options. Some of their pizza's they do sell by the slice (around 60-100 baht). A whole meter pizza can be on the expensive side (some as much as 1500 baht) but it is well worth it. They also have an excellent deli counter inside featuring all sorts of Italian meats, cheeses and condiments. These are 3 of my favorites, if you have one not listed please add it!
  2. cutefarang

    Train travel in Thailand

    Those don't look too bad, I have taken the train quite a few times between BKK and Malaysia and it always a pretty cool experience but some creature comforts like a touchscreen entertainment center would be a welcome addition.
  3. cutefarang

    which hotel to choose in bangkok?

    As many BM's have said the "No ID" thing is actually not the best thing for you. It keeps you safe for the most part. But staying anonymous in a city of 12 million isn't exactly easy lol.
  4. cutefarang

    Sheraton Hua Hin Pranburi Villas

    Very nice! I'll have to check them out next time I'm in Hua Hin, I usually pay a lot more than this for a worse room/villa.
  5. cutefarang

    QA and Qmiles

    You won't regret it, makes the flight there so much more enjoyable.
  6. cutefarang

    Most expensive hotel LB friendly

    That is Swissotel, very good hotel and an excellent location for mongering. A lot of LB's live in the area of Huai Kwang and the hotel is located on Soapy Row so they are used to guests coming back.
  7. cutefarang

    Hotel solo

    The only one that ever bothered me walking late at night was some rats and once a snake, both time the soi dogs chased them away lol. In fact I used to have a soi dog that would wait every weekend by the top of my Soi and walk me home. He would always get a bag of chicken the next day haha.
  8. cutefarang

    Hotel solo

    You can walk in any of the Bangkok tourist areas at 2 am, at that time the streets are still packed with people. There is very little street crime against tourists in BKK compared to some other major cities.
  9. cutefarang

    Sawasdee Sukhumvit Soi 8

    The Sawasdee hotels look a lot better in the pictures than they do in real life. They aren't bad hotels if you just want very basic budget accommodation, but there are better hotels in the area for not too much more money.
  10. cutefarang

    6 month passport validity question

    This is correct the 30 days given at the airport is not a visa. It is a permit of entry. One of the main differences is immigration can;t turn you away with a tourist visa whereas a permit of entry is at the discretion of the immigration officer. It is very rare they will deny it, but it has happened in the past to people for various reasons.
  11. cutefarang

    I Check Inn Sukhumvit 11 vs Studio Nana by icheck inn

    I stayed at Studio Nana, as others have said that entire Soi (11/1) is geared towards tourists and most who stay there are tourists that visit Nana. I never had any issues bringing guests back to the room. The rooms are kind of on the small side but they were very comfortable and clean.
  12. cutefarang


    If you know a particular brand or type you want, just go to any pharmacy including Boots and tell them you need sleeping pills, they will sell them without a prescription. In my years of living in BKK I very rarely went to a doctor or clinic unless I absolutely had to. I would usually just go to the pharmacist describe my symptoms and he would give me just enough medicine.
  13. cutefarang

    Leave No Trace on Computer?

    I bought a cheap Chromebook for when I travel. $149 and I actually like it better than any computer I have ever used. It is so fast and lightweight and the battery lasts a long time. If your tech savy you can just download a live Linux distro to a USB and use that.
  14. cutefarang

    Experiences with Huawei Phones?

    The Ascend P7 is a beautiful phone. I like the Honor 6 from Huawei too, it's a little cheaper but still just as nice. 99% of the places you order it from will change the language to English if the phone is shipping to an English speaking country. If you are in BKK any one of the shops in MBK, Fortune Town or Patpong can easily change the language as well.
  15. cutefarang

    Experiences with Huawei Phones?

    I actually work for the Chinese Cell Phone OEM's, I am a middle man between them and suppliers (Mediatek, Corning, Sharp LCD etc). The P7 is a nice phone but it is a little overpriced and it doesn't have the best UI. Huawei themselves are an excellent company, their phones have very good build quality and they have excellent service. I have extensive history with many Chinese brands and I think I can help you choose a phone that will suit your needs. Do you want a phone with a really good camera? What is your budget? You already said 5 inch size but are you willing to go just a little bit over (if the phone dimensions are still the same) or under? What countries will you be using it in?
  16. cutefarang

    Taxi Price List

    I recently returned home to the states for the holidays, took a taxi from my home in Bangkhutien to the Airport. For those who don't know Bangkhutien is the second to last stop on the Silom BTS line. That is a trip of roughly 60km, it was made late in the day around 330/4 and it cost me 280 baht plus tolls. Airport to BTS Nana is around 30 km by comparison. To the OP those prices are absurd especially for the tours. With tours don't book them in your hotel, look online or go to one of the 70000 tour operators in the Sukhumvit area. For 4000 baht (and cheaper) you can usually get a private tour to River Kwai/Tiger Temple which includes a tour guide, transportation, and meals.
  17. cutefarang

    Flight ratings (2015 updates)

    I flew Etihad a few times never really liked them. I prefer Qatar over all airlines, best food, best lay flat bed (business class), very good economy class and excellent service.
  18. cutefarang

    Nana Studio Soi 11/1

    Stayed here a few nights back recently as I wanted to be closer to the action. Was very hesitant to book this hotel as I could not (and still can not) find it on Trip Advisor, which is my most trusted companion when booking hotels. But it wasn't too bad. As usual for my reviews I will list Pro's/Con's: PROS: - Convenient location on Soi 11/1. About 300 m from the BTS station and very close to many pubs, clubs and restaurants (for watching games and eating some good grub check out Australian Bar on Soi 11). - Friendly staff. - No mention of joiner fee and night staff was hit or miss whether they were at the desk or even paying attention. No problems there. - Free coffee/tea in the lobby. It's a machine with three options (3 in 1 coffee, Thai Milk Tea, Hot Chocolate). - Clean rooms with excellent AC. - Flat screen TV, Free fast Wifi, lots of cable channels. - Budget friendly. - Plenty of food options within minutes of the hotel from street food to coffee shops to nice restaurants. Also both a Boots Pharmacy and Villa Market within 3 minutes walk (plus three 7/11's). CONS: - Bed was a bit too firm for my taste. - Shower was excellent but bathroom has awkward frosted glass walls that allows you to see someone while they are going the bathroom. - Only 1 movie channel (minor annoyance but after a night of partying I like to kick back and watch a flick while laying in bed) - Rooms on the small side. - All of the light switches are by the entrance, so when you have to pee in the middle of the night you have to walk to the front to turn the bathroom light on. Overall it wasn't a bad hotel for a few nights stay most of my annoyances were minor and didnt affect my stay that much. If you can get a good deal I would recommend it to anyone looking but there are some better options in this area.
  19. cutefarang

    Round trip in the North/NorthEast - any ideas?

    Depending on when you plan to go checkout AirAsia they always have specials on flights from Bangkok to the North for as low as 600 baht sometimes (around $20 US). If your insistent on driving to see scenery I would either take the train or a private minivan. Avoid the public ones at all costs, they pack them so tight you can't breathe and every driver thinks he is trying out for F1.
  20. I have quite a few as I live in Bangkok and eat out at least twice a day. Favorite street food: Soi 20 - noodle stand called Kings Noodles, 40 baht for roast pork with noodles, leeks and greens. Soi 11 - There is a small cart that sells grilled kabobs (Chicken, Pork or Beef), they cook them in front of you and they cost 15-20 baht each. Surasak BTS - in front of 7/11 about 500 m from BTS station is the best fried chicken I have ever tasted costs 20-25 baht. As far as restaurants it depends on my mood: Australian Bar on Soi 11 - especially when I want to see a live band, they have a very good one on weekend nights. Gullivers Soi 5 - great for watching games and eating western style pub food. Bella Napoli Soi 31 - great pizza and Italian food. As an American one of things I crave most is good hot dogs for that I got to Superb Dog at Nana BTS. All beef or pork dogs starting at 69 baht.
  21. cutefarang

    Asia Hotel

    That would be the United States Government lol. I am an independent contractor for the Department of Defense. Normally they book us hotels in the Chit
  22. cutefarang

    Asia Hotel

    Recently my company put me up at Asia Hotel. It is not really near the action but I thought I would share my take on it anyways. Pros: - Directly connected to BTS. - Semi private entrance (don't have to pass front desk) can take gurls straight to your room. - Good buffet breakfast. - Some very good restaurants. - Surprisingly decent LB Cabaret show nightly. - Morning newspaper - two swimming pools Cons: - Rooms are a bit dated. - Charge for Wifi (ended up costing close to what the room did). - Wifi only reaches half the hotel. - Some of the worst service at any hotel I stayed at. - too many families (not good for a mongerer lol). This is not a hotel I would ever pay for with my own money but it was decent for a business trip. The direct connection to the BTS was its major advantage. They do have a very good Brazilian BBQ restaurant that I have been back for a few times.
  23. cutefarang

    Thee Bangkok Hotel - Soi 20

    I worked out a pretty good deal with this hotel for 2 weeks. I have stayed at nicer hotels for a lot more money (Mandarin and Dusit Thani are my favorites) but for a boutique hotel (only 5 floors and maybe 60 rooms) this hotel was excellent for the price.
  24. cutefarang

    Thee Bangkok Hotel - Soi 20

    Recently my condo has been going through a remodel, what started as a few days has turned into a few weeks (this is Thailand lol). I had been staying in a small guesthouse but that was not good for long term stay. I found this brand new hotel (rebranded/remodeled from another hotel) close by called Thee Bangkok Hotel. Normally for these reviews I list pro's and con's for the hotels I have stayed in. But for this one I can't think of a single con. So here is a list of why this might be my new favorite boutique hotel in Bangkok: - Two minute walk to Soi Cowboy. - The most comfortable bed I have slept in on this side of the world. - Excellent wifi connection throughout the hotel. - Rooms feel a lot bigger than they really are, you never feel like your staying in a 20 sqm room. - Air Con works almost too good - Amazing bathtub in the deluxe rooms/good shower in the superior rooms. Also instead of the small throwaway toiletries you normally get that have big bottles of both bath gel and shampoo and both have the look, feel and aroma of something you would buy in a specialty store. - Excellent staff, anytime we had a problem it was solved immediately. - Samsung flat screens in every room with plenty of channels - There was no mention of a joiner fee and no one said anything when I brought a girl back. - Excellent location. 5 minute walk to BTS/Terminal 21. - Good food options right outside the hotel (Excellent street noodles, Scoozi and Belicoso Pizza, German Pub). - Family Mart (like 7/11) right across the street - Great deals on Agoda, I talked to the hotel directly and got a really good deal for a 2 week stay. The staff goes above and beyond to satisfy you. - Seems to be a hotel geared more towards adults, in my time here I have seen no kids. There you have it, if you want to be close enough to the action but in a safe quiet neighborhood I can't recommend this hotel enough. The only downside is there is no swimming pool, but they do have a small fitness room.
  25. I often take my LB friends to play pool at this little place in Patpong. It is located directly behind French Kiss, they only have 3 tables but it's never really busy there and the lady who runs it is good for some laughs. Prices are reasonable too at about 20 baht a game and they have some of the coldest beers I have found in that area.