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  1. timbershifter

    ladyboy friendly at Swampy

    Anybody know if the Plai Garden Boutique Guest hotel near Swampy is Guest(ladyboy)friendly Cheers
  2. timbershifter

    Ladyboy friendly

    Any hotels close to Swampy thats ladyboy friendly, the closer the better. will be there for about 2 to 3h then on my way home in Lamlukka Cheers
  3. timbershifter

    Pattaya Forum

    Hi LULT Yes i suppose they will block this site soon. I did PM KLW and hopefully he will be able to help me as Mozilla TOR and Torpax has been blocked as well. Sitting out here for a month or more at a time and all you can do is check your mail is a bit much, anyway hope to hear from KLW soon Cheers
  4. timbershifter

    Pattaya Forum

    Hi everybody I hope there is someone that can help. I work offshore and can access the Bangkok ladyboy site but as soon as i try and access the Pattaya ladyboy sit it is blocked by the company server,porn and all that. Is there any way around it Cheers