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  1. wanderer

    Bangkok to Pattaya

    take a taxi then still a hell of a lot cheaper than getting taxi from bangkok to pattaya, cost of taxi nana to ekimai then 113baht on bus a no brainer
  2. wanderer

    Bangkok to Pattaya

    i do not understand how you can have too many bags for a bus and yet you can get them into a taxi. 45 seater bus all the luggage you want leaves ekamai bus station approximately every 1/2 hour for pattaya nua, takes about 1 hour 45 mins depending on time of day and traffic, cost 113 baht. you can not book seats you just turn up and buy ticket. i used to drive to bangkok when i ventured to the capital but now i use bus all the time, ekamai is only 2 stops on sky train from nana.