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  1. loko

    Galleria 10

    Just checked in arrived early at 11am but room was ready so good start, looking a bit worn out and not the cleanest. Now to kill some time till CIB opens!
  2. That's the hotel where i'm staying so will check it out thanks
  3. Thanks the free flow 2 hour sparkling wine offer for 999thb looks good Hope they have lot's of bottles spare!!
  4. Hi Anyone have suggestions on good rooftop bars to visit near soi 10 area?
  5. loko

    soi 10 to don maung airport

    Looks like it's going to be an all nighter then Hopefully the girls in check in bar will keep me company till then
  6. Hi how long would it take to get from soi 10 to don maung airport, got flight at 630am to phnom phen what time should i leave to get there in time?
  7. loko

    Ratchada hotel

    sorry about the photo on my phone
  8. loko

    Ratchada hotel

    in the room
  9. loko

    Ratchada hotel

    i booked with the hotel on there site, internet is free and fast
  10. loko

    Ratchada hotel

    yeah it's good to stay away from nana sometimes,
  11. loko

    Ratchada hotel

    Staying at the Atrium hotel in ratchada soi 13 now, if anyone is looking for a hotel in this area i would look at this hotel, huge moden room about 5 to 10 min walk to the MRT. 15min ride to suk road No problems with bringing guest's back to room. And only 790 bt per night
  12. stayed at citichic nana last week, very nice room and good staff no problems with bringing back lb. a bit of a walk to the main road but they do have a shuttle that leaves every 30min. would stay again, booked direct with the hotel and got the room for 1200bt
  13. loko


    Hi yes it was bee my trip was good, when is a trip to thailand not good?? lol had 12 day's in bkk all up
  14. loko


    some photos