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  1. jeimii

    D Hotel Pattaya

    I used the wifi on my laptop, had to login but that was ok for me. Yes, they had a reasonable room service menu that I used a few times, both western and Thai food, ladyboys thought the Thai food was good.
  2. jeimii

    D Hotel Pattaya

    I wonder if the wifi depends on the room? I was able to stream video no problem, but in both rooms I did notice I was very close to a router. Basically after a week I decided to stay another week, but I had to move room.
  3. jeimii

    D Hotel Pattaya

    http://www.dhotelpattaya.com/ Ok so I know this in the Bangkok forum but I thought it might be useful to post a hotel review of a place in Pattaya for those who are interested. For the size of the room, the cleanliness etc the place was pretty cheap I thought. Below are the standard rates but was a bit cheaper online. There is a 2000THB deposit when you checkin, to be honest I had completely forgotten about it when I checked out and they reminded me which was nice. It was very ladyboy friendly, I only ever took one at a time and there was no fee. The room service (food) was ok and it was close to all the action on Soi Buakhao. There are frankly ladyboys everywhere in this area. There is a laundry directly opposite the hotel (it was cheap enough but not as cheap as the one on soi 4, Nana that charges per bag instead of per item). You get a couple free bottles of water each day, and if you get up too late for room cleaning they leave fresh towels and more water outside your door. There are a couple of convenience stores nearby, as well as a Tesco and TT Exchange place. It is actually hard to think of anything negative. I didn't use the pool so can't comment on that but looked good. Shower is electric but was fine: I stayed in two rooms at the hotel and both had a balcony with a table, chairs and ashtray that could be taken outside(I don't smoke but useful if you have a ladyboy that does). No mini bar but coffee... Free Wifi was fine. Safe was big enough for a laptop: Fogus from Sensations that is just round the corner who I spent most of my time with:
  4. jeimii

    re-entry with 30day visa exception

    Thanks for the answer Gympy, that is really clear now.
  5. jeimii

    re-entry with 30day visa exception

    I found the answer via wikipedia: "The exemption is granted at most twice in a calendar year when entering overland or via a sea border but there is no limitation when entering by air." so I should be OK. Now all I have to do is decide between Bangkok or Pattaya for the 2 week stay...
  6. Hi All, I have visited Bangkok and Pattaya a few times but have been out of the scene for a few months due to a few issues. Anyway I am a UK Passport Holder and in May I will be entering using the 30 day visa exception. Now my situation is that I will be entering Thailand for only one day/night and then I have to fly to a nearby country for a one week business trip, then I fly back and will stay in Thai for two weeks, is this kind of re-entry allowed? The whole trip comprising two entries will be less than 30 days. Thanks.
  7. jeimii

    OTS's Hotel reviews

    The fact there is a KFC is good useful information for some board members. Do you have something useful to contribute as in: where is there a better restaurant that sells fried chicken, closer to the hotel, for less money and open at the same or longer hours? If so then please post it. Maybe some of us will try it and feedback. The nature of this forum is to provide helpful information in a respectful manner. For example, some people will find the info I have posted totally useless, but for other members it may be helpful.
  8. I've played pool or just drinking with LBs a couple of times from TF upstairs at Harahan's on soi 4 or several times to a smallish bar called Jersey Pub on soi 6. Now I would not say they are the best bars, but are certainly bars I have had no hassles at ever.
  9. jeimii

    Dynasty Inn Grande Hotel

    I check out on Sunday, so of course want a late checkout after the CIB party. 600thb to check out at 4pm.
  10. jeimii

    Dynasty Inn Grande Hotel

    Just to add to my report, my room has been cleaned everyday but there is no: please clean my room vs do not disturb hanger. Unless I go to lunch with my guest (which I have only done with Noey so far) I am typically in my room until late afternoon and the time the cleaner has come to my room has been a bit haphazard. Anyway, I just noticed this by the door!!!!! Really not sure how I could have missed it!
  11. jeimii

    Dynasty Inn Grande Hotel

    So as there were no deals going at Phachara I decided to try this place and am glad I did. Described as a deluxe double no-smoking on Agoda. I am in the back building. Room excellent, to be honest everything seems brand new. Aircon great, shower hot, decent tv, couple of bottles of free water everyday. Universal plug sockets are a great idea, should be like that in every hotel. I don't smoke but the little balcony would be good if you bought back a ladyboy that did. I booked last minute on Agoda and got if for about 70usd per night, no breakfast. Convenience store right next door. Walking distance to Chaos9, CIB and NEP. Unlike Phachara there is no swipe card required to use the lift which I guess reduces security but does mean that via reception a ladyboy can come direct to your room without having to go down to the lobby. When a girl leaves they do the usual thing of calling to check everything is ok. All in all a good stay so far. Maybe not relevant to a ladyboy forum but my cleaning lady is a total babe. I have found I can always get a taxi outside the hotel, with the only slight annoyance being that if you are going in the Terminal 21 direction the driver has to join Sukhumvit from soi 6 going the opposite way and then U-Turn somewhere straight into a wall of stationary traffic you had just driven past going the wrong way. It is just as bad coming back as the driver has to come down soi 4, although there is always plenty of eye candy that way. But that is a downside of soi 6 in general as opposed to this hotel. If you walk to the end of soi 6 there is a foot bridge to take you across to the other side of Sukhumvit that is meters from CIB, so I would typically get a taxi from there or just hop on the BTS depending on where I am going.
  12. So would that include Nana? It is a total nightmare there trying to get down the steps with a full case when going to the hotel.
  13. jeimii

    Phachara Suites

    I was there for two weeks at the beginning of May and the construction was just far away enough to not be a disturbance. I included a bunch of general room photos at the start of this topic, but here are a few more photos of the contents of the room. You will notice there are two aircon units, one right above the bed and one in a grill up high towards the front door. There is a sliding door between the bedroom and the aircon unit near the front door. So at night you can leave the one outside the bedroom on and close the sliding door to whatever degree is comfortable, this keeps the room cool without actually having to leave the aircon unit in the bedroom on. I have included a laundry list, but I never used it, instead I used this place (60bt / KG and was excellent service): http://www.bangkokladyboys.net/forum/index.php?/topic/6230-24-hour-laundry-in-nana-soi-4/&do=findComment&comment=65452 Regarding guest/ladyboy friendly, I took a ladyboy LT everynight and there was no charge except when I had two stay overnight LT, then there was a 1000bt charge for the second guest (clearly stated on a sign at reception). The final picture is of Jersey Pub, which is on the corner between soi 6 and soi 4, it is just a regular gg bar but I found it a great place to take my ladyboy guests to for a drink and a game of pool. The girls in there spoke good English and were always friendly and chatty to my guests, it also has an ajoining door with the restaurant that sits behind on soi 4 so you can always order good food.
  14. jeimii

    Hotel Guest Policies for Ladyboys

    I have been in Phachara Suites for the last couple of weeks. I took a ladyboy back nearly every night and never any problem. They politely ask for the ID when the girl arrives and then call your room in the morning when the girl is leaving to check everything is ok. They charged no joiner fee, except when I had two ladyboys stay overnight at the same time and for that they charged 1000b, but that is clearly stated on a little sign at reception: one joiner free, two 1000b charge.
  15. jeimii

    Taxi Price List

    Yes, actually I really took the photo for the tour prices rather than to and from the airport. I always take the train from the airport to the hotel and a taxi back. But the tour prices definitely seemed cheaper than going via one of the tour sites if you don't need any of the extra services they offer (well just in my experience).