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  1. pointplace

    Hotel Guest Policies for Ladyboys

    Anyone brought two guests to S15 or radisson blu? Tempted to go for radisson as they can just go up to the roof top bar and meet me there
  2. Hi allBusiness is going well so I get the chance to come back to Los in 2 weeks.A Lb I met last time is dying to be topped by 2 or more Hung fit guys.I am happy to foot the bill for the girl and pick up the tab on drinks and what not beforehand during and after So if you A. Are fit and hung (+6 inch) B. Interested in topping a fit ladyboy in a 4+ hotel C. Free between july 23rd and july 30th PM me and we can talk about dates and I can send u her pics etc. Bring a friend Look forward to hearing from you guys.
  3. pointplace

    Would Be Careful With This One.

    Overall I had a good time with her, but she asked a high price and seems to have very swinging moods. When she was turned on she was a fantastic top, very naughty very dom. I then paid her extra to stay the night but after a few hours she left because she said she couldnt sleep. I told her that I might write her after a few days for a 3some, but when i hadnt written her after 2 days she sent me angry messages that I was messing with her. But with a body, cock and dom attitude like that I would still do her again
  4. pointplace

    8 inch black shemale in BKK

    What do you mean by definition American? Did you meet her?
  5. pointplace

    Taxi service from Sukhumvit to Pattaya?

    thanks guys
  6. pointplace

    8 inch black shemale in BKK

    thanks guys, consider myself thoroughly warned :-)
  7. Hi guys, It seems most of the posts on this was a bit out of date so i took the liberty to create a new one. Has anyone used anything they can recommend recently? I dont need a Mercedes, but a nice clean Camry would be great to get me from my hotel in Sukhumvit to the Hilton hotel in Pattaya. Much appreciated!
  8. pointplace

    8 inch black shemale in BKK

    solid advice king much appreciated, will tread carefully
  9. pointplace

    8 inch black shemale in BKK

    Has anyone had the pleasure? https://www.thaifriendly.com/skyyaura I am tempted because the one time I had with an ebony shemale was rather awkward because she only spoke Spanish, so i'm tempted to get an American. Would love to hear if anyone has been there and lived to tell the tale?
  10. @Mespicy thats what im doing too, and I already have some candidates, just wanted to hear if anyone had tried Absolute angels. For me the biggest strength of this forum is the insight people give of girls they give, always greatly appreciated. I agree with Rob, that one guys experience doesnt mean it will be the same for you, but it is a very useful yardstick to use nevertheless.
  11. Dance man thanks for your post, and I totally understand what you and Oliver are saying. Last year when I was in bkk I hooked up with Fiat from Cib and loved my time with her. I talked to her about a 3some and she said her friend Beam was up for it. Was fun but the two girls didn't interact with each other at all. I figured that for short trips like mine it would never happen getting to see 2 Lbs getting it on. So when I saw the escort site I was of course skeptical for exactly the reason you pointed out which is why I wanted to hear if anyone here had any experience. Wouldn't shell out 14k just for a fancy website unless I knew someone had tried and felt it was worth the major dough. So like I said the point of the post was to see if any mongers in here had planted the flag so to speak
  12. Hi all, I know the great majority here feel very strongly against the BKK escort sites, as they charge exorbitant rates compared to the regular girls. However I have to say that I am curious to hear if anyone ever tried the Absolute Angels "Full Hard Core Ladyboy & Ladyboy Sex Show" ? The price is crazy steep at a total of 14k which includes the show and 2 hours with Shina (Candy Cartoon) and Lio. As someone who gets to go to BKK very rarely, and being used to the prices back in Europe and the US, I have to say that I am tempted. They also offer Girl - Ladyboy hard core shows. https://www.absolute-angels-bangkok.com/gallery/shina-age-20-ladyboy-241 Anybody with stories to share?
  13. pointplace

    Where will Thai LB post now that backpage is down?

    It's not just about rich and poor. Its also about Asian attitudes on spending. Many thais are willing to spend fortunes to get that extra GFE and thats why so many stunners often go only with locals. China has been through the same development and its as if there are two parallel worlds of mongering, and the white guys are completely cut off from the Chinese one (even if you speak fluent mandarin).
  14. Since Backpage is no more, I am using TF and craigslist, any other suggestions? You would think the majority would all move to one single new platform ?
  15. much appreciated Gents! Always nice to have some photo material to help make the decision