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  1. Hi All Just thought would post this link here for those interested . https://www.avert.org/professionals/hiv-around-world/asia-pacific/thailand
  2. Boomerang

    Unsafe Areas?

    Hey its been 9 years since that was posted . fair bit of water has flowed under tge bridge in that time huh
  3. Boomerang

    Changing my Display Name

    pretty sure if you send a message to one of the mods they will be able to assist
  4. Never after taking a ladyboy out for dinner have i had the problems you desrcibe . Actually it may be a help as steak & chips might smell better than curried bugs & crickets bghahahahaha .
  5. Boomerang

    Cassandra Dominatrix BBK

    give her a go and let us know
  6. Boomerang


  7. Boomerang


    If you pay for a 3 day membership you get reviews & indeed enter one of your own . Also the gurls get to review clients also edit :- The small fee to read the reviews is worth every penny if you are going to use this service in my opinion .
  8. Boomerang

    Royal President Bangkok

    Lol @ mongrels
  9. Boomerang

    Royal President Bangkok

    Havent stayed there . Need a translator for many reviews i see .
  10. Click on the more reply options tab in bottom right hand corner .
  11. Boomerang

    Long thin cocks

    So need to make sure you choose the right Arm .
  12. Boomerang

    Dynasty Grande Hotel Soi 6

    There must be one hundred good options in & around sukhumvit for you to choose . Recomend the hotel review section on the site . Google map of hotels with location & price is a good tool also . if you like dynasty location , then citrus & phachara are right there too .
  13. Boomerang

    Makkasan to Nana - Taxi or MRT/BTS?

    I think it wouldnt be much difference in time to walk from Asoke than Soi 10 , as Soi 10 you would have to get up & over sukhumvit Rd to get to Soi7/1 ... Regardles , if you dont have much luggage i find the train(s) are great .. however cab to lower odd number sois off sukhumvit is pretty good run mostlyedit :- maybe my reply wasnt specific to your queries , but you got it anyway 555
  14. Boomerang

    Any suggestions for ASOKE hotels?

    Great breakfast