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  1. ChefkochB

    Don Muang airport to nana

    Taken the other way, Nana to Don Muang. From Nana the BTS to Mochit, from there with the Taxi to Don Muang. No rush hour (45min) and cheaper (max. 150B), but little more sweat.
  2. ChefkochB

    Arab Countries suspending Flights to Qatar

    Don't know how the business class prices are, but my economy flight from Germany cost me under 400€. It doesn't get cheaper.
  3. ChefkochB

    D Hotel Pattaya

    It was open when i was there.(december) The Thai food was good and cheap.
  4. ChefkochB

    D Hotel Pattaya

    Don't think so. But it could be that they fixed the bad Wifi. I was not the only one who complained about the Wifi( all complaints from end of last year), but read from a newer report that it was good. The wifi was the only real negative, good hotel, good location, good price. Did not want to stay again in a hotel with bad wifi, so booked for my next trip into baku in Pattaya. Wifi has become to important for me.
  5. ChefkochB

    D Hotel Pattaya

    Stayed 2 times there: good hotel big rooms nice pool on the roof with enough chairs but shit Wifi Joiner fee for second guest (if you lined up a 3some) of 300B
  6. ChefkochB

    Guest Friendly Hotels In Bangkok

    Someone stayed in the Hope Land Hotel & Residence Sukhumvit 8 ? It's new (i think it opened in february) and i booked for june there. I expect it GF und LBfriendly but maybe someone already stayed there and wants to share his experience. https://www.booking.com/hotel/th/hope-land-amp-residence-sukhumvit-8.de.html?aid=356985;label=gog235jc-hotel-XX-th-hopeNlandNampNresidenceNsukhumvitN8-unspec-de-com-L%3Ade-O%3AwindowsS10-B%3Achrome-N%3AXX-S%3Abo-U%3AXX-H%3As;sid=34534900559ab8a3f6bef4d3c9b6148f;dist=0&sb_price_type=total&type=totaltab-main