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    Any feedback about Zoe ?

    Yes she is pretty big,lol, but she is kind with it and takes it slow so as not to split you in half. However what she should split in half is her rate, but she knows some will pay that, so take it as you will! (No pun intended!) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. LB1over


    Thanks for that Marco, you've been the only helpful person on this thread. Unlike davvvid the broken record. 1,2,3, If you could afford a car here davvvid then you wouldn't get a taxi or BTS either, but your parents don't give you enough pocket money for that do they Just saying Oh yeah 4, are many bars open and customers around in the daytime compared to the night time? So your suggestion of going there late is genius because nothing happens at night so my ex wouldn't work then would she! Any other moronic suggestions?
  3. LB1over


    I shouldn't but i will respond 1.I don't do the BTS. 2.when i drove down Sukhumvit today the BTS still stops between soi 8 and soi 6 not at the doors of paradise. 3. You do realise its summer time here now? I'd like to see you walk round in a hoodie. 4. Never thought of that 'just go to the bar late' genius!! Have you been down soi 4 in the day time?
  4. LB1over


    I didn't know where Annie's Massage was until I asked Google, but I do now and NO she doesn't work there! Have you seen the staff on the website? (I don't know your angle on that, if joking or taking the piss?) Thanks for the directions, but I already know how to get from soi 2 to soi 4 because I drive through there all the time, but I never noticed Annie's massage because I'm driving. Also I don't get your "after life" remark, my ex isn't dead. I did say she works in that vicinity and my car/bike is quite distinguishable so parking in/around the Raja complex either my ex or her friends will see me, as I said before I don't need the hassle/issue's because she can be unstable. Now can you understand why I asked for the number instead of going to the bar? Is anybody going to provide the number or……..?
  5. LB1over


    It may surprise you but I'm not as you seem to think SiamMan Yes of course I did try to PM her, but due to her being a guest user she can't receive any PM's. I also see what she suggests but because my ex works in that vicinity I can do without the hassle/issue's of going to the bar! OK?
  6. LB1over


    Can you pm me your contact details (phone/Line ID) thanks