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  1. Jeffbkk26


    ahh Gullivers.....great spot back in the day.
  2. Jeffbkk26


    I've chatted with her a few times on TF. She lives very far out, did she come to you?
  3. Jeffbkk26

    TopTs Janarah now in bangkok

    That looks very red.
  4. Jeffbkk26

    TopTs Janarah now in bangkok

    who's asking?
  5. Jeffbkk26

    TS DATING barbiequin

    I had a go oh must be a few years ago now. Good bottom, very curvy, cock didn't get hard but takes a good pounding. She looks likes a diva but I found her sweet and fair.
  6. Jeffbkk26

    thai friendly girls

    https://www.thaifriendly.com/anacon694u Has anyone had the pleasure?
  7. Jeffbkk26

    thai friendly girls

    Cheers for the reports