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    Running my Bar, ladyboys, Golf,F1, Moto G.P. Having fun with my mates
  1. Fatcat

    Crossdressing Latex Lover

    How many days does it take to put on makeup !!!....if your in town come see us dressed up or not or ask some of my girls to help you out,( dressing up )
  2. Fatcat

    Thai driving licence

    Hi Scottie, it's easy you need a medical certificate you can get from most pharmacys 300 baht then go to the driving centre on Sukhumvit around soi 101 fill in the forms take your drivers license which they give back fill in the forms do a silly sit down test and hey presto they take your picture and five minutes later you have a Thai license valid for one year.
  3. Fatcat

    Compact camera's

    Got a new camera but it's not idiot proof " Doh " how do I resize pics to post ?
  4. Fatcat

    Big cock and active ladyboy

    Darkside has a few,
  5. Fatcat

    Compact camera's

    Brilliant thanks guys,still not got one yet will update asap.
  6. Can anyone recommend a nice inexpensive idiot proof camera ours got " borrowed " and cannot be found.
  7. Fatcat

    Bourbon Street

    Now located in Sukhumvit 71, near the shell garage on the left as you come from Sukhumvit Rd.
  8. If its your first time here Wall-e, might i suggest Guess Bar sukhumvit soi 4 or my place Darkside sukhumvit soi 33 as we are a more relaxed enviroment to chill out get to know who you may like to try and have a more enjoyable experiance.
  9. Hi Jane, If you do arrive in Bangkok come and visit our bar as you can dress as you please here and since its full of ladyboys some very similar to yourself flat chest etc you will fit right in and should make it easier for you to chill out and if anyone on the forum wishes to see you happy days so don't be shy you can contact me via here or PM for private chat. Regards Chris.
  10. Fatcat

    check your watch when you barfine in guess bar

    Ladyboy Lucky also goes by the name of Pam &posts on craigslist almost daily.
  11. Fatcat

    Lb'S Hangout In Bangkok?

    Hi all,I'm new to this forum however I am planning to open a ladyboy bar in sukhumvit soi 33 I would be grateful for your feedback and questions you may have it will be a a more relaxed venue a bit like Guess bar and we hope better.