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  1. Hi guys, It seems most of the posts on this was a bit out of date so i took the liberty to create a new one. Has anyone used anything they can recommend recently? I dont need a Mercedes, but a nice clean Camry would be great to get me from my hotel in Sukhumvit to the Hilton hotel in Pattaya. Much appreciated!
  2. Tickets booked for 28th Feb to 8th March!

  3. Hi all Last time round I stayed at Citrus 6, where I really liked the fact that there was a very decent i room massage for a Low price. Does anyone have experience from other hotels where you tried the in house massage? Sent from my ONEPLUS A6003 using Tapatalk
  4. Hi guys, Im visiting in Feb and looking for a hotel with a big sized shower for at least 2 people maybe even 3. When i stayed at the Hilton Pattaya I liked the idea of a big seat in there, gave some interesting possibilities. Any recommendations, doesnt have to be right next to Nana. Pretty open with regards to price.
  5. pointplace

    Citrus Suites Sukumvit Soi 6

    I can warmly recommend it, especially the room massage is very cheap for the quality of the room (nicer hotels have outrageous in room massage prices). Big fridge for those that like to store beverages etc. Sent from my ONEPLUS A6003 using Tapatalk
  6. Hi all, looks like this property has been refurbished last year, I sure hope so by the look at the pictures on tripadvisor. Has anyone been there the last couple of months? I get a good rate with the Hilton group and 5 nights would put me over the top for a Diamond card so mulling it over. I think the regular price is around 3500 per night and I can get it for 1900. Any comments or pictures much appreciated!
  7. pointplace

    Hyatt Regency on Soi 12

    Hi all As a lazy man arriving during the rainy season the Hyatt seems a decent choice as its directly linked to the BTS, and is a short walk to CIB and to the bars on Soi 11. Has anyone stayed yet? Im thinking of the Deluxe room with the sofa as the standard rooms seem a little bit on the small size for a 5* Cheers
  8. Anything people can recommend? I tried to look and seems its mostly foodcourt, but is there also slightly more high end restaurants? In china they have the food court in the basement and the nice restaurants on the top floor, wondering if its the same in Bangkok?
  9. pointplace

    Citrus Suites Sukumvit Soi 6

    very cheap prices so i went ahead and get a regular room AND an executive suites for a 2 day stay, price just 9500 BAHT direct with the site. Will post pics and comments afterwards
  10. Hi all, im looking around for a place to stay in end of May, and I feel that the Sofitel and Landmark is a mite too pricey for 6 nights this time around so im looking for alternatives. So the 3 requirements: - Guest friendly (might bring 2 LBs with my friend) - Easy walking distance and/or easy tuk tuk ride from CIB or Nana to the hotel - Biggish rooms (at least 35m2) Anybody with recent recommendations? Cheers and look forward to sharing the trip here on the forum :-)
  11. Hi there, I hope its ok I make a new thread on this since things might have changed. I am landing end of September and going to the Pullmann hotel near Soi Cowboy. So my questions are: - Where do I get a sim card for 3 days? - Any recommendations if I want around 5-10gb for the 3 days? Last time I was in Bangkok was 2011 when you still had to go to an internet cafe to check mails and the like. Much harder to sit surrounded by teenagers trying to reach ladyboys Cheers
  12. pointplace

    Citrus Suites Sukumvit Soi 6

    Yes I have been quite surprised at how many families there are in this area, why is that? Anyway if you want discrete, i recommend the big 5 star hotels, where it is huge lobbies and people dont really notice who is coming and going. I stayed at Landmark and Sofitel and it was perfect. Im at the Citrus now, and yes its very small narrow lobby, but yeah if you can get over that, then its a decent place. But i think if it hadnt been for needed 2 bathrooms, I would have stayed at the Mercure Soi 11 instead, was there 2 months ago and its brand new very nice, but yeah also narrow lobby, and waiting around for elevator in full sight
  13. Cool thx Oliver, I stayed in mercure 11 last time so i remember the stuck traffic very well and the burger was great. Did you sign the 2 girls in when you brought them up or u just walked in? I notice that the lobby is pretty small so no chance to go in unnoticed like at the Sofitel. And did u ever bring 3 people? A buddy of mine will join us with 2 ladyboys, and I was thinking of giving him one of the two doorcards and we would go in seperately or is that not neccessary? Treasure trove this page, if you are in town would love to buy you a drink!
  14. pointplace

    The 5th capital sin...

    great pictures and great suggestions! thanks a million
  15. So this trip is the trip where a gang bang is to be thx so much for Oliver for suggesting Citrus 11, it seems just perfect with the extra bathroom, although the bedroom is a little small, but im sure we will manage And compared to the 5 star hotels I was looking at this is less than half the price of their basic rooms, AND i get an airport transfer for free. Looking forward to report back on my adventures
  16. pointplace

    Hotel Guest Policies for Ladyboys

    Anyone brought two guests to S15 or radisson blu? Tempted to go for radisson as they can just go up to the roof top bar and meet me there
  17. pointplace

    Sofitel Sukhumvit

    I stayed there in early October last year. Fantastic hotel with amazing rooms ( i had a standard Luxury Room). The rooftop bar is a great place for a cocktail before heading down with your girl. Was never any comments from the staff when I brought girls up (5 times). What i love about Sofitel is that they offer a choice of early check in or late check out to Gold members, and you can purchase a late check out for about 25% of a full day fee (5pm check out). I know many people feel that the 5* hotels are not worth the money compared to the rest thats on offer. But coming from Scandinavia its amazing being able to get a 5* hotel room for around 130 USD per night.
  18. pointplace

    Taxi service from Sukhumvit to Pattaya?

    thanks guys
  19. much appreciated Gents! Always nice to have some photo material to help make the decision
  20. pointplace

    Sofitel Sukhumvit

    For a European i feel its amazing value! As an Accor gold member i got an offer for the Pullman Sukhumvit so I think I will try that out in May, being near the shopping center and Soi Cowboy, but Sofitel definately set the bar really high, so curious to see if Pullman can deliver as well.
  21. Hi guys, I am going on a whirldwind 3 days trip to BKK so im trying to be a good boy scout and come prepared I was wondering if you guys could share your Top 5 restaurants around Nana? High low, anything goes, but I hope that you have a least one Thai place on your list, as I would like to eat as much local as possible (Thai food prices in Scandinavia are ridiculous and not very good food...) cheers.
  22. Cool thx. Any recommendations if i venture off with the BTS? I figure with the weather end of the month and traffic, walking and taxis will be tough so prefer something near the stations.
  23. pointplace

    Buying SIM card after landing?

    great thanks, I will see what the line is like at the airport, would be nice to hit the ground running since im only there for 3 days, so probably worth the wait at the airport.
  24. Hi all, I have been looking for a nice big room in the last weekend of september. Right now I am tempted with the 4 points by sheraton, which has a small hot tub and a terrace (not sure how much noise you can make on that terrace, but i just might have to find out). This is my default place right now, have anyone stayed there recently and have comments on it? Or is there something else nearby that you can recommend? My budget is pretty big, so also considering the Marriott. Thanks!