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  1. P&G

    OTS's Hotel reviews

    That ain't trolling. As long as you keep on flaming, I keep on replying.
  2. P&G

    OTS's Hotel reviews

    Stop complaining will you ? I have just read a thread about Arabic transgenders. Guys trolled the topic but you didn't complain about it. Sorry that it bothers you that I am still alive. I prefer to warn you : you've broken à cardinal rule for too long a time now. You could have apologised but you prefer to go deeper and deeper to the dark side. Bad karma. You'll be unlucky sooner or later.
  3. P&G

    OTS's Hotel reviews

    I felt like adding this comment anyway. given your nasty behaviour in the last 2/3 weeks, I had no shame in writing this comment. It allowed a good piece of discussion with members. BTW, reading your posts, you don't only eat dog food, you don't post, you bark. You should ask the mod to hoover all OTS's barking after my posts. This would be fair.
  4. P&G

    OTS's Hotel reviews

  5. Where is the best bar to invite a non p4p GG or ladyboy for a first meeting after chatting in Thaifriendly or another sating site ?
  6. P&G

    OTS's Hotel reviews

    Yes, your example is interesting. I criticize getting food at KFC in Thailand, but I also enjoy a good Thai meal at 40 bahts. I can be both what you call a food snob and a cheap charlie. The amount of baht I spend ain't the criteria. Yes, I didn't grow up in the anglo saxon culture. I am afraid what you call a food snob is seen differently in other countries, even poor ones. We're people, so we don't eat dog food. I guess that Thai people are also sensible to this point when they observe farangs.
  7. P&G

    OTS's Hotel reviews

    Not a fight, but given the atmosphere generated by the OP, I feel authorized to post such comments. I do feel amazed by the concept of "cheap charlies". It's a kind of snobbery to post that one can afford expensive hotels or drinks in expensive bars with expensive bar fines etc ... But I just point out that the same ones get food that is worse than cheap charlie's food. Yes, I prefer to go and have rest in places with empty beaches in an old hotel and get a room without AC, but I take care not to eat dog food. I had thought of initiating a thread on the subject, but this pic was such a strong temptation.
  8. P&G

    OTS's Hotel reviews

    Hotel : 4,000 baht and food from KFC. 55555
  9. P&G

    Unsafe Areas?

    I would avoid any area where tuk tuk drivers are agressive and offer deals that are too good to be true. This happens mainly in daytime in places whithout ladyboys. I think mainly of Ratchadamnoen Kland road. Edit : as mentioned several times above, it's hard to define an area in Bangkok as unsafe. What's unsafe IMHO is to hang on drunk, what could attract hookers with a predator instinct.
  10. P&G

    has anyone caught an std?

    Yes, you're right to warn about HPV. This is the only STD on can get when having protected sex, but it happens (not in Thailand as far as I was concerned). When an ugly wart shows up, you need to go and explain a doctor that you are not the wise man you look like. It's not really pleasant to have it cured with liquid nitrogen, but it's efficient. You will notice that old hookers often have such warts on the top of their legs.
  11. P&G

    AIS 4G mobile packages

    I don't remember my contract, but I had taken something for one month that I had paid 8 or 900 bahts. That was not AIS. The most expensive were calls abroad. You shouldn't worry. Just go to a place like Century 21 and check with phone shops, you will find a good contract.
  12. :lol: Yes, it looks like one. But not mine.
  13. Your Thai food looks so yum yum. I daren't think of the ladyboys' pics you will post in the members sections. 55555
  14. P&G

    6 month passport validity question

    http://thaiembassybrazil.com/pt/serviço-consular Thanks to the guys who trust me. If you don't, just click on the above link and see that it's the official website of the Thai Royal Embassy in Brasil. You will find the following text in the page : I let you exercise your talents of translation.
  15. P&G

    6 month passport validity question

    In another Thai Embassy website, I found further explanations that be translated as follows : "Nationals of above quoted countries shall hold a passport whose validity is over 6 months upon arrival in Thailand, and possess an amount of money of at least 10,000 baht per person or 20,000 baht per family ...
  16. I want to work on a new one but it takes time and I need to be in a good mood to do it.
  17. I don't care for the moment. I will see to change my avatar later on.
  18. Nope. It's a pic posted in the sister forum to stigmatize a BM who supported me. I added it to my avatar to support the BM.
  19. I know how to drive heavy vehicles. I can tell you I find their driving just scary. I am just surprised they don't report more causalties on Thaï roads with what I saw.
  20. P&G

    New Normal LOS...?

    I am careful about money, but I am also careful not to bargain over the" point of the best service". If you manage to bargain a lower price, you believe you are going to be happy, but the girl won't feel like being pleasant with you. You get a low cost for low price.
  21. P&G

    Medical insurance for a LB

    I used a private insurance only once in my life (that was actually a private branch company of my coyntry's national health service), but aren't there mutual companies or jus a Thaï social security/national health service that could cover every Thai citizen ?
  22. You can find videos of ladyboys fighting in Pattaya too. This fight looks like a similar fight. At first sight, I saw a ladyboy (or girl) hitting a guy. It seems that the guy was beating someone else lying on the ground. It's not so violent. A few people exchanged smacks and punches for an unknown reason. I don't want to excuse violence. I just mean, it's not worth a story since we don't know how the argument started.
  23. P&G

    New Normal LOS...?

    I read the same very recently only. If I had read it before my trip, I would have tried this price at least once. I am convinced that prices are going down in BKK. Though, I think that 1,000 baht would be a bottom price in BKK. If anyone thinks I am wrong, please , just let me know.
  24. P&G

    New Normal LOS...?

    You can trust the above advises as experts' ones. It seems that the business has been fairly low since the end of the rain season. I don't see why GGs or ladyboys should increase their prices. IMHO, some try to compensate a low activity trying to raise the price of their services. It's just dangerous for their business. On the other hand, prices are lower in Pattaya, especially with ladyboys. I also suggest you to read this page of the forum : http://www.bangkokladyboys.net/forum/index.php?/topic/6306-the-1000-baht-rule/page-3
  25. P&G

    Hua Hin hotel recommendations

    What's your usual budget in Thailand ?