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    Hotel Guest Policies for Ladyboys

    Just my 1 baht (2 cents) information to this thread : I am used to Unico Express, 74 soi 3 Sukhumvit (Bangkok). It's a fairly cheap hotel with small and large rooms, all with A/C. They now have an acces to a swimming pool outside. The hotl has a new owner (an investment company) and is being renovated. I must admit, the larger was my room, the cheaper I paid. (Cheapest THB 900.00, highest : THB 1,600.00) The personal is used to guests, particularly ladyboys. An ID is required for guests, the name is written in a guest book and guests must sign the book when the ID is given back. The person in charge of this operation at the reception in the evening is often a ladyboy. The hotel is fairly close to Nana Plaza. I usually walk there. The first time I was there, I made a ladyboy walk from Nana plaza to the hotel (although it's a long walk for somebody with high heeels).
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    Thieving ladyboy

    Thanks for the info. I looked for it and added a screen lock in mine.
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    Thieving ladyboy

    I was speaking of passwords when I turn it on.
  4. P&G

    Thieving ladyboy

    Something I noticed this year : when I use my farang sim card, the phone is protected by a password if I turn it off. I had no protection with my Thai sim card. It's probably something to worry about when purchasing a Thai sim card.
  5. In the upper corner right, you have a button saying "follow this topic". You can use it to be warned when a new post is added. I reckon I loose sight of topics (particularly in the sister forum where they chat too much or off topic ). I used a trick in badoo : I opened a word document in my PC and use it to store the URLs of the pages I want to visit. I can use my own classification then.
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    What's the discount on ST and LT ?
  7. P&G

    send me money i will be all yours in trip

    This week end, I tried to start a contact with a ladyboy from Bangkok in a chat website (a young crossdresser). I wanted to make sure that was not a GG (girls look like ladyboys and ladyboys look like so cute girls). She explained me she was striving for money to pay her rent running after customers to make massages. I understand everybody struggles to get his money. Then she asked me to help her to pay her rent : the classic trick when chatting to meet.
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    Suvarnabhumi Airport Services

  9. Action is really restricted in Ao Nang. There is a small bar area and a couple of bars with ladyboys mixed with GGs. Hôtels are cheaper than in other touristic areas. You can get a good room with AC in Krabit for as low as THB 600.00 and housing (in Krabi ) can cost as low as THB 250.00. (BTW, I'm a little bit off topic since Krabi is about 10 km away from Ao Nang). If you your budget is as high as US$ 100.00 a night, you should have no problem to find a 2 bedrooms rental. Gogo bars can be found at Centerpoint and ladyboys were reported in soi RCA (where Amy's bar is located). You will find more information about the place in this page : http://www.krabi-hotels.com/ao-nang/soi-RCA.htm# . You might find hôtels and villas in your usual reservation website. Just be carefull if you click on the last link and look for "10 best pool villas in Krabi". A few of them are really far from Krabi. I also found this link : http://www.villas.com/thailand/krabi/ban-ao-nang.html?aid=387750;label=city--3232620-txmL73CI88ejb13l2JGF8wS54537761047%3Apl%3Ata%3Ap1%3Ap2%3Aac%3Aap1t2%3Aneg%3Afi%3Atikwd-66837700409%3Alp1006410%3Ali%3Adec%3Adm;sid=61733a983cb4f7baabd187b61fc54d4d;dcid=4;checkin_monthday=8;checkin_year_month=2016-2;checkout_monthday=15;checkout_year_month=2016-2;class_interval=1;csflt=%7B%7D;dtdisc=0;group_adults=2;group_children=0;hlrd=0;hyb_red=0;inac=0;lang=en-us;nha_red=0;no_rooms=1;offset=0;or_radius=0;pr=50%2C100;pr_cur_code=EUR;redirected_from_city=0;redirected_from_landmark=0;redirected_from_region=0;review_score_group=empty;sb_price_type=total;score_min=0;src=searchresults;ss_all=0;ssb=empty;sshis=0&;lang=en-us#map_closed . One more advise : the ladyboy scene is really restricted in Ao Nang. It might be advisable to find a ladyboy in Patong and invite her for a long time in Krabi.
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    You can try Unico hotel in soi 3. Rooms are tiny but prices are reasonable. To get a good price, they recommend you to book before the cheapest rooms are booked. The hotel is located not too far from Nana. I could make a ladyboy walk with high heels shoes from Nana to the hotel. I had found the adress in a website dealing with guest friendly hotels. A ladyboy worked at the reception in the evening. The freelancer I had invited just had to leave her ID at the desk before going in. For my safety, I had a safe in the room and enough place to put my bagage. Last but not least, they had an excellent breakfast with a buffet. I had paid Thb 1,600 in November 2013. How long will you stay in BKK ? Will you stay in BKK only or travel around Thailand ?