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  1. P&G

    Short term Condo

    Some folks are also what they call cheap charlies. I sometimes see one in the morning in my bathroom mirror when I shave.
  2. P&G

    Thai Lion Air

    How about flight safety standards ?
  3. Tak/Mae Sot has a VOR DME approach ending in in a circling maneuvre or direct visual landing. I can't imagine an airline company operating ATRs and B737s to choose a rural airport for regular flights.
  4. BTW, thanks for the info. I have never flown with Nok Air, but after what I read in this press release, it's a definite ban for this company.
  5. Do you mean Mae Sot airport (Tak) ? http://englishnews.thaipbs.or.th/content/150530 After reading the above article, something's wrong in the explanations given about the incident. The pilot explained he had been confused by a farm smoke near the runway. I couldn't locate the hospital under construction, but whatever the explanation, the pilot is out of the safety standards one can expect from such a a professional aviator.
  6. When you come in with a girlfriend, they usually don't watch under her skirts to know whether she's a "she" or not.
  7. P&G

    Lohas Suites Sukhumvit

    Did you take advantage of the suite to organize a ladyboy orgy in it ?
  8. P&G

    Smack Me , suck me and fuck me

    Thanks for the info. Good to know that.
  9. P&G

    Smack Me , suck me and fuck me

    Edit. I must have confused with somebody else.
  10. P&G

    SUPER HUNG Phils ladyboy

    Not so sure. I believed such pics were photoshopped till I met a shemale from Peru about 10 years ago. She had a bigger one than this one and I didn't care but I was terribly surprised. She explained me she had always been very feminine. Before she was a teen ager, her parents started worrying and asked a doctor to start an hormonal treatment, therefore she developped such a big cock. Yet, we had a good Relationship since I was one of her rare customers who was interested in her feminity. To the OP. I was already charged of bashing Pinoy ladyboys, Iam probably prejudice, but I don't see what this old big cock shemale have interesting compared to the girly Thai ladyboys/femboys. Have you only met her one ?
  11. What I want to stress is that whatever method used by the ICAO, the upper authority is the ICAO and the downgraded one is the Thai DCA. FAA and EASA are just subsidiaries of the ICAO in this story.
  12. P&G

    Current STD clinics

    I am not really involved since I can get tests for free in my country. If this is not a real hurry, I'd like to stress I was impressed by the organization at Burumgrad hospital where I had to go for an insect bite. I have checked if they offer HIV tests and seen they include HIV and STD add-ons in their tests : https://www.bumrungrad.com/en/health-check-up-center-bangkok-thailand-jci-best/check-up-packages As this private hospital is just one block away from Nana Plaza, it's worth mentioninig it. You just need to walk down soi 3 and you will see a trafic officer and a traffic jam at a 7/11 with cars turning right. Follow this soi on 200 m and you will be there. I guess you can arrange an appointment just going there.
  13. I don't know if ther rivalry between American and European companies involves a rivalry between the FAA and the EASA. The fact is that the DCA (Thailand didn't meet the ICAO standards, so they were downgraded. There might have been a process in the ICAO saying that the EASA would help and the FAA would audit, but if the DCA had met the required standards, it wouldn't have been downgraded for sure.
  14. It's all very well to give a website adress, but who is behind the website ? After clicking this adress, I found a homepage with articles dealing with Qantas, TWA (indeed), and Air New Zealand, looking like advertisements, as well as an advertisement for Etihad. IMHO, the Thai aviation authorithy should have a precise denomination, should be a branch of the THai Ministry of Transports and, except the Thai government, can be officially criticized by the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) itself or the APAC (Asian and Pacific office of the ICAO). In order to avoid mixing true information and gossips, I made a quick search in Google. The Thai Authorithy for aviation is the DCA : Department of Civil Aviation. In Wikipedia, they say that ICAO "rejected a safety plan put forward by the DCA, which was submitted to ward off an imminent aviation safety downgrade." Although anybody can write any BS in Wikipedia, it seems that ICAO auditors found serious gaps in safety standards and budgets in Thailand.
  15. http://www.dealabs.com/gratuit/cyberghost-vpn-55-gratuit-12-mois/173509 I am not used to VPN and don't like this one. But it's free and might help to connect to the goggle store in the USA. I believed that the email adress that is in the phone would be enough to connect the Google store of your country of origin.
  16. P&G

    Thieving ladyboy

    Check your PM.
  17. P&G

    Thieving ladyboy

    Do you have her Line and Whatsapp ?
  18. P&G

    Thieving ladyboy

    Could you see Madampatty101 again OTS ? I just realized your story happened around the same time when I was in Thailand. I didn't notice your post as I was traveling and today, I had already forgottent about it. What bothers me is that, unless I have her pic in my phone next time (I don't know when), either I will have forgottent her face, or many ladyboys could look like her, particularly if I don't have her pic to compare. Did you find any track about her ?
  19. P&G

    BFS Taxi limo price?

    It's easy for the train as you found it. I am older than you and have used a suitcase on wheels. Trolleys are not only for female attendants and weak girls, it's very usefull. If you can't get one, you can go to Ploenchit by train, then pick up a tuk tuk to your hotel.
  20. P&G

    BFS Taxi limo price?

    Are you sure that the skytrain is not faster than a limousine riding in the trafic jams ?
  21. I enjoyed the place. It's a typical corner with small Thai shops. I know that many farangs don't like these corners or daren't order there. I didn't taste the grilled insects. I swore to go back there on the next evening, but I visited Khao San road on the next day and saw that insects were proposed to tourists. Khao San road meant for me all the BS proposed to farangs who don't want to mix with Thai people. I also had a big trouble with a spider bite, so I had other worriesthan exploring this corner.
  22. I found a small area without farangs (nor Arabian) customers at the intersection of soi 3 and Phetchaburi road. the food is a little spicy. Every vendor has his own specialty : soups, sausage, vegetables etc ... I also saw a vendor of grilled cockroaches, grassshoppers and other insects.
  23. P&G

    Hotel Guest Policies for Ladyboys

    Good to know for some one who runs after freelancers.
  24. P&G

    Hotel Guest Policies for Ladyboys

    I take your point, but when Enjoy told me she was on her way with a motorbike taxi, I could walk very fast too. You are right to stress that more and more arabs clogg the pavements, especially early in the evening. This neighbourhood doesn't make me feel comfortable. Did you sometimes meet Cartoon in your hotel's alley ?
  25. P&G

    Hotel Guest Policies for Ladyboys

    For what I can see on the map, it's about the same walking distance, maybe a few steps longer from Unico Express. For what I can read in your post, you don't walk fast or you walk with your bagage like me.