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  1. justfundutch

    in bkk oct 24 to 28 anyone?

    oops delta shutting down bkk operations? fly whereto? i just fly with delta partner klm....... its dutch, so if theres money to be made, the'll fly ;-)
  2. justfundutch

    in bkk oct 24 to 28 anyone?

    i will be in bkk from oct 24 to 28, anyone around af that time?
  3. justfundutch

    lb in latex?

  4. justfundutch

    lb in latex?

    shasha seems to be a nice beauty, anybody more info / pics of her?
  5. http://bangkok.craigslist.co.th/cas/5665288739.html anybody met up with her?
  6. justfundutch

    lb in latex?

  7. justfundutch

    lb in latex?

    are there lb in bkk that are into wearing latex on their beautifull bodies? and to make is even more difficult: very passable, nice boobs, big ass, well hung ;-)