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Ladyboy Sex Change in Bangkok

Become a Ladyboy in Thailand

Ladyboy Sex Change- Thailand is the best place for you. Why? Thailand’s society is one of the most accepting countries for transgender in the world. Thai doctors are not only more understanding to transgender, but they are very experience in sex change procedure as well. Many of Thai doctors have experience over 1000 cases in Thai and foreign patients. Some of them are very well respected among the transgender community.

Secondly, the cost of operation in Thailand is much lower than western country, because of the cost of living. For example, the removal of testes are usually about $1300. Please, check with the doctor for details.

Dr.Chettawut Plastic surgery clinic

1529/4 Onnut 31 Sukumvit 77 Suanluang Bangkok 10250 Thailand +(662)742-2335 +(662)742-0845

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center.
Clinic : +662-690-8000 (Auto)
Fax : +662-277-5907
E-mail :
422-426/1 Indramara Soi 20 Soothisarn road ,Dindaeng district, Bangkok 10400

Preecha Aesthetic Institute
7th Floor BNH Hospital
9/1 Convent Rd. Silom, Bangruk, BKK 10500
Mon-Sat 9.00AM - 7.00PM (GMT +7 or +12 hours from New York)
(662) 632-2540, (661) 813-6144 ,(661) 912-0262
BY E-Mail

Thai Health Center
Tel : +662 693-9391



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