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Bangkok Buddy Visa Run Review

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People should know there's a limit now of 2 land border crossings "per calendar year", according to what I've read. If you've had more than 2 you'll have to fly out and fly back in, say via Cambodia (for about $80 r/t if you plan ahead from Air Asia). Maybe they bend the rules a bit if you're doing this as you've done (as part of a group). The law is mainly to stop farangs working in Thailand illegally (say a diving instructor) on the islands.


2 land border crossings limit: http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/959042-only-2-visa-exempt-entries-at-border-crossings-per-calendar-year-effective-dec-31st/


I'm in Ranong now on a visa run and it's interesting how they illegally apply this rule to folks like me with actual visas (vs "permission to stay for 30 days" as most BM probably have). I got told I wouldn't be allowed to use my visa (on which is printed "good for entry till Sept 2017") more than another 3 months. A subsequent conversation with Thaivisa.com confirmed that this was total crap. Ranong immigration said I'd have to pay for a 1900B extension in 3 months! I don't think this is merely incompetence. Ranong (as well as Poipet, where you went) is infamous for extortion. So I'll be flying my next visa run (one must still leave the country every 3 months under my type of visa).

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