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Safeguarding Your Identity At The Atm

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Thought I'd share this website and articles with other Forum members in the interest of protecting all of our member's personal identity information: atmsecurity.com


Some of this may be common knowledge but it never hurts to review the basics.


The article below is a good introduction to basic ATM security tips.




and this one is a very good expose about "skimming"




Finally, here is Bangkok Bank's advice:


"ATMs are a major convenience in our lives and most people now rely on them to transfer money, withdraw cash or pay bills. However, as the use of ATMs has risen worldwide there has been an increase in ATM fraud.


To help protect you from scams and thieves, Bangkok Bank has prepared eleven top tips and a guide to ATM skimming to improve your ATM security. By following these simple precautions you can protect your savings and enjoy the security of knowing that your money is safe.


1. Always shield the key pad with your hand when you are entering your PIN number so that it cannot be read by secret cameras or strangers.


2. Get into the habit of using the same ATM machine for your transactions. Become familiar with it so you will be able to recognize changes to the machine.


3. If you must use a different ATM, check it carefully for devices which may have been fitted on top of the original features. As a general rule of thumb, it is better to use a newer machine, which will have additional safety features such as anti-skimming hardware.


4. Use ATMs in places with good lighting and in very secure or high traffic areas such as beside a 24 hour retail outlet or inside a bank.


5. Look out for 'extra' cameras in the ATM booth apart from the regular ATM security camera. Do not use an ATM if it has fittings above the machine such as a brochure holder as these may be used to conceal cameras.


6. Use your body to block the view of people behind you from looking over your shoulder.


7. If an ATM is malfunctioning and it holds your card, report this to the bank immediately and cancel your ATM on the spot.


8. If an ATM is not working, it may be a scam to direct you to a nearby ATM which has been tampered with. Use another machine well away from this location.


9. Never hand your ATM card to a stranger for any reason and be extremely wary of anyone who approaches you when you are using an ATM.


10. Be cautious about withdraw large amounts of cash at ATMs if you are alone or in an area where there is no security.


11. Apply for Bangkok Bank’s Be1st Smart Visa Debit card, Thailand’s first debit card to use EMV chip security technology, which is almost impossible to copy.




Guide to ATM Skimming

As criminals become more sophisticated in their technical know-how, ATM skimming and counterfeit debit card fraud has become more common. ATM skimming occurs when criminals alter an ATM with technology which copies information contained on a card’s magnetic stripe.


How do criminals ‘skim’ an ATM?

The most common criminal practice is via a phony-front ATM. The fraudster places a fake keypad directly over the legitimate ATM keypad, copying the cardholder’s Personal Identification Number (PIN) as they use the ATM. Criminals additionally place a phony ATM card reader over the card insert slot to capture the card’s magnetic-stripe data.


Cardholders then unknowingly use the phony-front ATM to conduct a cash transaction, swiping the card and entering their PIN. The information is then sent to a remote computer and either an ‘unable to dispense cash’ message appears, or ‘the cash is dispensed and the actual transaction is completed’, depending on the type of phony ATM card reader used."


Hope the foregoing will help you protect yourself at home and in the LOS.

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