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Esim lcard for Samsung S22 ultra

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Hi there,  headed back to Thailand at the end of this week and was thinking of going the esim route I was wondering how AIS esim works and does it run at the same time as my current t US SIM card or can I for lack of a better term can I turn the US 1 off so I'm not charged for service while gone?

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I think AIS(1 2 call) only does esims for existing customers.But DTAC has them and you can order them online.Best to order just before (1 or 2 days before) you depart and they send you a QR code to download the Esim.I think this is the way to go from now on.No more messing about with SIM cards or hanging about the airport to get one.

You can just go to settings and switch between which SIM you want to use at that time.This is the one I'm looking at at the moment:-


But if you're going to go to Thailand regularly , the ones direct from DTAC are much better packages and you have the option of choosing your phone number:-


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