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Seeking info CL Ladyboy Munriga

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Yep I made a post in there but unfortunately the memory is hazy.

Link to said post

Overall she was tall and shapely, but not fat. Acne covered up by makeup. English was so-so. Bigger than Thai average tool, but not massive. Performance (if I can recall) was neither extraordinary nor bad. Paid 1.5k incl. ST room (normally ~300B). I don't normally do repeats anyway (I like to sample as much as I can). Wouldn't pay more than 2k

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She has a unique look unlike the bar girl type of many others.  She has ads on multiple sites but wondered if anyone has some direct intel on her.  Cost, size,repeat?  Thx!



Actually, she is working at a Massage Shop on 1/7 Sukumvit, she is not a friendly ladyboy, stay away from her.


我從使用 Tapatalk 的 ASUS_Z002 發送




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