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Please don't respond again, as your making Victor Meldrew look like the happiest chap in the world !!!

OH shit OTS


Now we will get a dissertation on One Foot in the Grave!! No doubt associated with the afterlife:)

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I shouldn't but i will respond

1.I don't do the BTS. 2.when i drove down Sukhumvit today the BTS still stops between soi 8 and soi 6 not at the doors of paradise. 3. You do realise its summer time here now? I'd like to see you walk round in a hoodie. 4. Never thought of that 'just go to the bar late' genius!! Have you been down soi 4 in the day time?

Hi LB1over, Anna is here at Paradise right now and we can arrange for her to come see you. Bar fine is 500 Baht and you can discuss the rest with her. PM me and we'll sort it all out.


Our spend 1000 Baht on drinks at the bar and get a FREE bar fine is still going strong and many BMs are taking advantage of it ;)


If you do come down we can also get your BM VIP card which gives you 10% off your total bill and free access to our very discreet short time room.


In the mean time here are some photos of her I took literally 5 minutes ago! ;)















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Thanks for that Marco, you've been the only helpful person on this thread.

Unlike davvvid the broken record.

1,2,3, If you could afford a car here davvvid then you wouldn't get a taxi or BTS either, but your parents don't give you enough pocket money for that do they

Just saying

Oh yeah 4, are many bars open and customers around in the daytime compared to the night time? So your suggestion of going there late is genius because nothing happens at night so my ex wouldn't work then would she!

Any other moronic suggestions?

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