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Unsafe Areas?

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I had an interesting experience a few years back. My flight was in the evening and the hotel would not let me stay after 2pm without charging me extra. So I had two hours to kill before I left for the airport. I decided to talk a walk on Sukhumvit just to waste the time.

As I was retuning to the hotel a car with tinted glass stopped alongside me and the windows came down. There were three girls(at least thats what I thought but could be girls or LBs but I think they were girls). The driver asked me if I spoke English and when I said yes, she told me to get into the car and she would give me a lift. It is very flattering when 3 young girls want to pick you up. LOL.


But it was too crazy that this would happen to me so I just said that I am going across to the hotel and it is a few minutes walk. Obviously due to the traffic they had to move on and when I crossed the lights, they were stuck in traffic and again they called me and offered to give me a ride.


I am still as puzzled as to the reason why they should offer to give me a lift and think it was an attempt to rob me or do worse.

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thanks for a good laugh. +1 . well said and to the point. nothing like well placed sarcasm.


I have lived in Bangkok now for 4 months, before this I have travelled here and played here for over 10yrs, i have never heard scare mongering like it! I walk between Asok/33/NEP many times at all hours and have never had a problem! I am not saying here that anyone is not telling the truth, you just must have been very unlucky. I have never seen gangs of ladyboys on sukhumvit, I have seen issues in NANA and outside but thats it. I have never been to Lumphini, but I have had evenings out with people down Victory Monument, Saphan Kwai, Phahonyothin and Ratchada and also never had a problem, one or two young Thais can give you some looks, but I have never been there without a thai with me so maybe thats why I feel its ok.


Anyway, All I am saying is that down Sukhumvit you should feel very safe and use your judgement as to who ever you take home, freelancer, bargirl or even office girl, ladyboy or GG, farang or Thai, they can all be bunny boilers!


+1 for the sensible comments and pointers.


i first came here in '88 and i have lived here since '92. IMHO as long as you are not stupid drunk and being an ass you should be ok in 99% of the places you will go in TH. unlike the States and parts of Europe that i have visited.


the only time i have seen altercations is when Farnags who are drunk or looking for sh*t to happen start something by either being a mark or being an ass. sure, there may be Thais out there lookng to scr*w with you, but what are you doing in that place at that time? if you find yourself in such a situation simply hail a cab and go to where you feel safe, do not stick around, continue down the street. i think a lot of these mishaps are occurring because punters are out late, drunk and looking for the deal of the century, FLs for cheap. you get what you pay for.


do not flash jewelry, cash or devices. dress casual and clean, but not ho-so. always be polite and swallow your tongue when you have to. if you see something occuring and you can walk by without leaving another in true physical distress, walk by, do not get involved.


i bet most BS in KHT and PTY is with tuk-tuk and song-tao (baht bus) operators. avoid most problems with them by attempting to negotiate before getting in, and if yo are not happy, simply walk away without expressing your distaste for them.

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Guest Shibuya

It all depends *where* in Lumpini; the Night Market, area around the boxing arena, and quite a few bars/restaurants are okay, but the deep dark corners of Lumpini Park are quite a different matter...



Yes, sorry I should have clarified, I mean the park at night. Which is a scary place indeed. I remember reading on a forum somewhere, someone advising people to check out the park at night for streetwalkers going for 500 baht or less.



What great advice!

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Have heard that some of the Sois near Victory monument are dodgy.


My LB friend has been condo hunting for us in BKK recently and viewed one near here. Said it was very nice but she thought the side sois were dangerous.


If she's worried then I bloody well am lol


Only during Red Riots, otherwise it is a great area in which to live. Boatloads of restaurants, a Top, a Tesco Express, 5 7-11s and a Family Mart in 5 blocks, cheap massage, a huge, green park, 8 screen theater, BTS nearby, buses to everywhere, easy access to Panthip, Fortune, Siam Paragon, Central World and major highways. A few of our favorite girls live in the neighborhood.

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I've found some great places to live around Victory Monument, and think I would enjoy living there, but the monument itself posses a problem.


IMO, the Victory Monument area is usually no more dangerous than many other areas around Bangkok; however, anyone with a bone to pick with the Thai goverment can rally around the monument with little notice, often making life difficult. A demonstration at the monument can screw up Bangkok for miles!


And if the Red Shits should rally around the monument, IMO it is indeed dangerous. The Red Shits have proven just that again and again.

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I would avoid any area where tuk tuk drivers are agressive and offer deals that are too good to be true. This happens mainly in daytime in places whithout ladyboys. I think mainly of Ratchadamnoen Kland road.


Edit : as mentioned several times above, it's hard to define an area in Bangkok as unsafe. What's unsafe IMHO is to hang on drunk, what could attract hookers with a predator instinct.

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